Quickly and easily automate your home and workstations with our table lift sets and lifting column sets. Our table lifts and lifting columns are made of high quality materials, so they’re able to withstand heavy loads in home and work environments. Most jobs nowadays require you to be sitting at a desk for long periods of time and many studies show that sitting for too long can lead to potentially long term health problems. With our table lifts that is no longer an issue. The table lift sets come with everything you need to build and install your own height adjustable workstation, all you need is your own table top. Since our units don't include a table top, except our FLT-01, it allows you to choose your own custom top as long as it fits the table lift. 

The lifting column sets are able to produce large amounts of force, some models up to 880 lbs, which makes them better suited for industrial style workstations. These lifitng columns are more suited for people wanting to build their own custom projects as they do not come with all the necessary parts for installing to a table top like our table lift sets. All of our table lift sets and lifting column sets are in-stock, ready to ship and come with our 18-month warranty like all of our products. 

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