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We offer a wide selection of remote options for our control boxes, including foot controls. They can also be used without a control box to control one or more actuators simultaneously or individually. Foot controls are perfect for jobs that require both hands while controlling the motion of your actuator. They can be found in places like physiotherapeutic beds, dentist chairs, computer workstations and hospital beds. 

Our selections of rocker switches are there for when you require some additional control options. They come in momentary, non-momentary, latching and non-latching models and are able to control one or multiple actuators at once.

Rocker Switch Momentary

Model: RC-03

Rocker Switch Non-Momentary

Model: RC-01

Foot Pedal

Model: PDL-03

Foot Pedal

Model: PDL-01

Hand Remote

Model: RT-01

Hand Remote for Actuators

Model: RT-02

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