PLC Controls


Our selection of PLC controls allows more precise and advanced control than ever before of our linear actuators. Creating timers, routines, counters and more advanced motion control options for your units are made possible with our PLC controls. One thing that separates them from most control systems is they are designed to allow multiple input and output arrangements, whereas most only have one input and output, as well as having a strong resistance to impact and vibration.

We include many input options for actuator control with our PLCs such as temperature, humidity, sound, motion, NFC (Near Field Communication), light and infrared control options. We also offer custom programming options for our PLCs. To get started on your custom order just contact us with a description of how you want to control your units and we will have your custom controller produced and ready to ship within 10 to 20 business days.

Arduino Starter Kit

Model: LC-007

Arduino Yun Mini

Model: LC-108

Arduino Micro

Model: LC-053

Arduino Mega2560 Rev3

Model: LC-067

Arduino ADK Rev3

Model: LC-069

Arduino Leonardo with headers

Model: LC-057

Arduino Due - 32 bit processor

Model: LC-062

Arduino Uno Rev3

Model: LC-066

Wasp with Wire Leads

Model: LC-85

Scorpion XXL RC Controller

Model: LC-84

Vyper RC and Analog Controller

Model: LC-83

MultiMoto Arduino Shield

Model: LC-82

Arduino USB Host Shield

Model: LC-004

Brushless DC Motor Controller

Model: LC-241

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