About Us

ActuatorZone is your source for industry certified actuators, lifting columns, and other engineering movement products. We offer a diverse selection of linear actuators, mini actuators, high speed actuators, and many others to customers in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Our Products

We are partnered with several best of breed suppliers to bring you actuator products in a large array of stroke lengths, force strengths, and travel speeds.

You can buy bare metal actuators off the shelf for your own purposes, or purchase one of our pre-made kits for TV lifts or workshop lift tables.

We keep a comprehensive inventory of our products in our warehouse fulfillment centers in Canada and the United States so we're never caught short-handed or out of stock. ActuatorZone can also create custom products at your request, manufactured exactly to your specifications and requirements.

Our People

Our staff are experienced and will work in partnership with you to select the product and accessories best suited to your specific application.

We've helped customers with everything from choosing the right actuator, to wiring setups, to control system configurations and everything else in between. Our customers tend to come back, in part because they like our actuators, but also because they like our people. We invite you to take advantage of our experience in planning and implementing your project.

Our Customers

We strive to build relationships with our valued customers, and seek to be more than just an actuator storefront. 

We want to help you create the most effective project or application possible, all within your budget and performance parameters. Our philosophy is that there are no projects or customers too small or too large. You can be launching satellites into space, tricking out your car, or building a robot; all of these scenarios and more can use the ActuatorZone Advantage.

The ActuatorZone Advantage:

We are sincerely passionate about actuator technology and its applications; every customer brings in fascinating new ideas that get us even more excited about what you can do with actuators!

  • Our selection of Linear Actuators is large and varied

  • We don't tolerate failed products; every actuator is tested before being shipped
  • We can customize nearly any configuration you require
  • Our prices are the lowest in our category
  • Our Customer Service is excellent
  • We offer incentive discounts for large orders and repeat business
  • Our 18 month warranty leads the industry