12 VDC - Wi-Fi Actuator Control Box - 4 Channels - Android/IPhone

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12 VDC - Wi-Fi Actuator Control Box - 4 Channels - Android/IPhone

IN STOCK & Ships Within 24 Hours
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Stop spending money on expensive accessories for linear actuator control. The Wi-Fi Actuator App lets you control up to four actuators in different ways all through your Android/IPhone devices. The app features individual directional control, multiple actuator control, time delay, pre-programmed settings and more, all designed to let you have complete control over your actuators or DC motors. 

App Features:

  • Control up to four actuators separately or together through Wi-Fi (individually, simultaneously or any other combination).
  • Compatible with Android and Iphone devices.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand interface.
  • Directional control for each actuator.
  • Set a time delay of up to 999 seconds on one, two, three or four actuators.
  • Choose from momentary and non-momentary settings.
  • Easily record all your actuator movements and save it as a single preset. Up to five presets are available


To find our actuator app on App Store/Google Play search for Progressive Automations or download the app directly:

Download Wifi App


  • Control Ability:
    Will control multiple actuators at different combinations using Android/IPhone
  • Input Voltage:
    12 VDC
  • Output Power:
    12 VDC
  • Current:
    10 Amps (each channel)
  • Kit Includes:
    1 control box and connectors
  • Special Feature:
    Wi-Fi Control
  • Additional Feature:
    Control up to 4 actuators in various combinations
  • Additional Feature 2:
    Compatible with Android and IPhone
  • Remote Functions:
    up, down, pause (both momentary and non-momentary)
  • Size (L x H x W):
    6.2" x 1.6" x 3.2"
  • Unit Weight:
    0.8 lbs
  • AC Power Option:
    with AC-15, PS-10, PS-11 or PS-12
  • Warranty:
    18 Months

Product PDF

PA-35_Product_Manual.pdf ~ 947.9 Kb


Dimensional Drawing

Dimensional Drawing

12 VDC - Wi-Fi Actuator Control Box - 4 Channels - Android/IPhone


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