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Our entire line of linear actuators come manufactured with mounting holes on each end so it makes for an easy and effective way to mount your actuators. We provide a range of mounting brackets, each specifically designed for every actuator we sell. Some brackets even offer an alternative mounting option, such as our brackets made especially to mount on the stroke of certain units. 

Each set of brackets we sell comes with everything you need to mount and install. This includes the bracket along with the neccessary screws, bolts and bolt-pins. To see more information on a specific mounting bracket, select your desired bracket from the list below. Each mounting brackets we sell comes equipped with an 18-month warranty.

Mounting Bracket for PA-09

Model: BRK-09

Mounting Bracket for PA-03/PA-04

Model: BRK-02

Mounting Bracket for PA-18

Model: BRK-19

Mounting Bracket for PA-11-D30

Model: BRK-11

Mounting Bracket for PA-09

Model: BRK-10

Mounting Bracket for PA-08

Model: BRK-08

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