M18 Capacitive Proximity Switch

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M18 Capacitive Proximity Switch

IN STOCK & Ships Within 24 Hours
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The LC-222 acts as a proximity sensor that is able to detect almost all metallic or non-metallic liquid and solid objects. It comes with a red LED on the back of the sensor that lights up when it is triggered and has a small control on the back to adjust the trigger threshold.

· Operational Voltage: 24 VDC
· Supply Voltage: 10-30 VDC
· Voltage Drop: <2 V
· Rated Insulation Voltage: ≥20MΩ
· Load Current Capacity (DC/AC): 200mA/300mA
· Off-state Current (NPN/PNP): < 11mA
· Leak Current: < 20μA
· Short Circuit/Polarity Reversal: No/Yes
· Repeated Accuracy: <5%
· Ambient Temperature Range: -15 to +60°C
· Frequency (DC 3 Wires/AC 2 Wires): 30Hz/10Hz
· Function Indication: Red LED Indicator
· Detection Range:0-3.2mm
· IP Rating: IP67
· Housing Material: Brass nickle plated
· Material of Sensing Face: ABS
· Connection: Wires
· No. of Wires x Gauge: 12 x 0.15mm
· Standard Cable Length: 2m


  • Unit Weight:
    0.15 lbs


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