Ways to Save Space in a Small House with Linear Actuators
Ways to Save Space in a Small House with Linear Actuators

Ways to Save Space in a Small House with Linear Actuators

Linear actuators have been revolutionizing previously manual tasks every day. With developing technologies and increased accessibility, their use has transcended into modern homes. One-room apartments, studios, and minimalistic houses are popular homes with limited spacing. These compact living spaces, while perhaps more cost-effective or in a prime location can be limiting; therefore the occupants need to become inventive.

For instance, making dinner with children running around a small kitchen, tiptoeing around your sleeping partner to get items from the wardrobe, or not having the space to put a vanity table in your bedroom? These issues are completely solvable; linear actuators are perfect for those who want to save space in their compact living areas while still holding onto certain luxuries and necessities. In this article, we have compiled our top linear actuator ideas for small homes and analyze their benefits.

Small Electric Linear Actuators

Electric actuators are widespread and popular due to their ease of use and easy installation process. With the press of a couple of buttons, the device does the work for you. They are widely used not only in offices and industries but also in ordinary apartments.

Small linear actuators are particularly popular when implemented into homes. Due to their compactness compared with standard or larger sized actuators, it is possible to use and install them to simplify the implementation of various household tasks. For example, hiding your bed and raising your table if they are in the same room.

Prior to their use and implementation into homes, we will briefly discuss what a small electric linear actuator is. The small actuators make linear movements just like full-size devices yet are more convenient to use as a ‘small part’ in larger mechanisms. They are usually powered by 7.4 VDC, 12 VDC, or 24 VDC motors depending on the length of stroke characteristic and can lift from 1.34 up to 450 lbs.

Mini linear actuator by Progressive Automations

PA-14: One of our mini linear actuators

Why Should I Implement Home Automation?

Everyone wants spacious rooms or in lieu of that, enough space for their items and day-to-day activities. Here we will consider the benefits of home automation with the use of linear actuators, and why it is something you should seriously consider implementing.

Significant advantages of electronic linear actuators:

  1. Design simplicity. The mechanism itself can be activated with a few clicks and operated through wireless remotes. Once installed, the operation is seamless.
  2. Long term operation. High-quality actuators do not need much attention and will serve for a long time. Here at ActuatorZone, we offer 18-month warranties on all our actuators.
  3. Reliability. Linear actuators differ with their protection ratings and longevity capabilities based on your use requirements. For instance, many are built with moisture protection, providing resistance to harsh conditions.
  4. Remote control. Electric linear actuators can be operated with toggle switches or wireless remote controls, making the process as convenient as possible for the user.
  5. Quiet operation. You can choose the most silent devices available that would be suitable for your living space. The optimum noise levels of actuators for your living areas are:
    • 0 - almost silent;
    • 15 - whispering level;
    • 60 - conversation level.
  6. Compactness. Tiny actuators will be invisible in your home. Therefore, you can keep your interior concept and design undisturbed.

Best Home Automation Ideas

Each room has its own tasks, and we always want to feel free to move no matter what we do. Linear actuators are an excellent option for solving space issues. We have compiled a list of the best home automation ideas for creating more space in your automated house.

 Drop-down tv lift in bedroom

Television Lifts

One of the most common options for saving space is linear actuators for televisions or TV lifts. There are two options: pop-up and drop-down. A pop-up option hides a screen in a cabinet, drawer, or other contraption of your choice, while the drop-down lifts lower the TV down from the ceiling. When the TV is not in use, you can easily maneuver it out of the way to clear space for other activities. Similarly, you can also hide your computer on your desk when not in use.

Spice Racks

You may not always have enough space for a large number of cabinets and shelves in a small kitchen to fit everything you need. Instead, you can automate your kitchen with a sliding out stand for spices and save space in your drawers or on your countertops/table.

Kitchen automation with micro actuators

Kitchen Appliances

To expand on the number of automation ideas available for kitchens, linear actuators can be installed in any of your appliances. For instance, the refrigerator and dishwasher can be automated using electric linear actuators that will give you quick access to them.

Hidden cabinets automation with micro linear actuator


Linear actuators are perfect for closing drawers and cabinets, especially useful if they are out of reach. This will also allow you to remove unnecessary handles and make your room not only more spacious, but items that need to be kept out of reach from children can be stored here.

Hidden tables automation with micro linear actuator


If you need to save space in the kitchen, in the hall or in your office, linear actuators can be installed in tables and desks. You have options of hiding them on your floor or motion them upwards against your wall, keeping them out of your way, and freeing up space when not required. Linear actuators are also used in table lifts to adjust the height of your desk, allowing you to work in your preferred height position. While not related to space-saving, it is still a popular mechanism that is being utilized by both homes and office spaces worldwide.

Hidden bed automation with micro linear actuators


In small apartments, the living area and bedroom are often combined into one space. Wall beds are a solution for when you want to move your bed out of the way, be it for entertaining guests, cleaning the room, and so on. With the click of a switch, the bed can be folded back, instantly freeing the space.

Lamps automation with micro linear actuators


Some other home automation options you could use include cool lighting ideas. Place lamps or lighting fixtures in the ceiling or hide them in the floor or cabinets, and simply use a remote-control device to motion them when you need them.


This list compiles just a small number of the endless automation opportunities available for your home. Linear actuators come in all shapes and sizes and can, therefore, be implemented into most areas.

Interested in automating your small house but not sure where to start? If you have never dealt with linear actuators before or are in any way unsure, we’ve got your back. Contact us, and we’ll help you choose the most suitable models for your home. Check out some instructions on our blog, too - the DIY project may be easier than you think!

Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer