Table Lift Mechanisms - Lifting Types & Possibilities
Table Lift Mechanisms - Lifting Types & Possibilities

Table Lift Mechanisms - Lifting Types & Possibilities

To facilitate and speed up workflow at any enterprise, warehouse, or manufacturing location, lifting tables can be used. These are unique machines used for the vertical and horizontal movement of goods on a platform powered by a lift-up table mechanism. This mechanism is not only seen or used in industrial purposes, but also at home. The tables are easy to operate and require little maintenance. At the same time, in comparison with loaders, they are more cost and energy-efficient and are distinguished by their superior environmental friendliness.

Table Lifts: Features and Advantages

The main task of the lift table is the vertical shifting of loads, work surfaces, or people. All devices work according to the same principle - they are driven by actuators. The types of table lifts differ by the following:

  • type of platform (low-profile, high-lifting, heavy-duty, long-size inclined, stationary, mobile, etc.)
  • type of actuator (hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric)
  • dimensions
  • carrying capacity
  • lifting range

Table lifts are widely employed in trade productions, warehouse logistics, service, and transport. They are used both indoors and outdoors, installed at floor level or on a special recess if required.

Table lifts are using in warehouse logistics and service


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Table Lift Components

The common table lift framework consists of:

  • A frame which includes a motion control device with a hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric drive to provide lifting. Mobile versions are equipped with a wheeled chassis.
  • A platform usually made from ¼ inch steel. If it is expected that the table will work in aggressive environments, stainless steel is used. Equipping the base with rollers allows the lifting mechanism to be moved along the rails fixed at the bottom.
  • A tabletop lift mechanism. It can be either a classic scissor-type or a motorized column. The three-stage design of the Actuator Zone frame provides an adjustable range of table travel.
  • A remote control. Table lifts are usually controlled with hand remote buttons or a foot pedal for even more hands-free convenience.
  • A power source is required to provide energy and power the mechanism.
Lifting column sets


Table Lift Mechanism: Hardware Benefits

Table lifts provide a number of application advantages, such as:

  1. Considerable range. Thanks to the three-stage design with two motors, the platform can reach quite significant heights.
  2. Smooth height adjustment. The table can smoothly and silently reach any height within the working range at the touch of a button. In addition, it can maintain this height in the event of a power outage.
  3. Stable platform. The pillar platform is more stable than other alternatives.
  4. Versatility. The platform can be equipped with a variety of accessories, including rotary tables or conveyors. For highly specialized applications, they can have a top with clamps or other working components.
  5. Mobility. Portable lift tables and lift carts make the lift easy to transport.
  6. Programmability. In advanced models, the desired height position of the table can be programmed. Such tables can even “memorize” previously set altitude values
  7. Low maintenance costs and long service life. Adjustable table lifts are usually designed for heavy loads in harsh environments. In particular, this is confirmed by the long-term warranty on ActuatorZone lifts.
Table Lift Set model FLT-02


Types and Application of Electric Table Lift Mechanism

There are 6 essential types of the electric table lift mechanism, providing the equipment with a wide range of applications.

  1. Scissor-lift. Table lifts of this type are easy to use and can be applied not only in warehouses (stacking and sorting), but also on conveyor lines and even in private households. Larger models can act as elevators and move objects between floors. The scissor lift table greatly optimizes work by making it easier to access the goods on racks and high shelves. The control is carried out by one person and doesn’t require special training.


    Scissor-lift mechanism


  2. Screw. These table lifts are easily adaptable for use in a number of jobs in production or the workplace.
  3. Rack and pinion. Typically, they are for industrial use: pallet handling, docking processes, vehicle loading are all examples of where this type is applied.
  4. Chain and sprocket. These lifting tables simplify production operations. In combination with conveyor systems, they facilitate the load positioning.


    Chain and sprocket mechanism


  5. Articulated. In addition to vertical movement, it provides horizontal displacement through the use of linear actuators that extend the articulated arms.
  6. Telescopic. The movement is carried out using linear actuators installed in the cavities of the main cylinder.
Table Lift Set model FLT-02


Our Table Lift Solutions

Table lifts that were originally industrial have now found great uses outside of this realm also. For instance, the FLT-03-2-2 Lift Column is a two-column system with a built-in power supply and wired remote control. It is ideal for industrial-style workstations in your garage due to its high power (880 lb. load capacity), four presets, and auto-activated safety systems.

Special features of table lifts include facilitating area access for people with disabilities. Thus, there are wheelchair lifts or tables with height adjustment. A good example is the FLT-02 adjustable table, which is a two-legged kit with all the necessary components to create a workstation. The model is perfect for any type of tabletop. The kit includes a wired remote control with the ability to store up to four preset height positions and a USB port for charging.

The FLT-08 model is a four-post lift system where each pair of legs is individually controlled. The desk is ideal for large workstations and includes two wired remote controls. The functionality allows you to save up to four height presets.

Go for the Best Lifting Opportunities

By choosing the best type of lift top table mechanism provided among AZ products, you get an automated and safe alternative to manual loads!

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AZ Engineer