Smart Home Solution – Progressive Automations Motorized Shelf Lift
Smart Home Solution – Progressive Automations Motorized Shelf Lift

Smart Home Solution – Progressive Automations Motorized Shelf Lift

Looking for a convenient, space-saving storage system for your garage? The Progressive Automations motorized shelf lift is the latest addition to our line of home automation circuitry and is the perfect choice when you need to organize and optimize your existing space.

Reach Higher, no matter your height

The VL-S-01 motorized shelf lift removes the need of using a ladder or lifting any heavy object, therefore protecting you from any potential accidents. It’s also simple and easy to control, just point the remote directly to the specific lift, and with the press of a button, you can raise and lower the shelf lift whenever you need it.

With conventional garage shelving, you require arm’s length lifting which can cause strain and injury. The motorized shelf lift offers a unique solution to the problem of stretching.

Save Space

Take advantage of the space on your walls and store any item - big or small on the motorized shelf lift. This shelving unit not only enables you with more storage space but also creates additional floor space for you to store other items.

To add more space and convenience in your lifestyle, you can use the motorized shelf system in not just your garage but also in other parts of your house like a lift shelf kitchen.

Beautiful Modernized Garage

Give your garage space a modern and minimalistic look with the motorized shelf lift. The trend to declutter has taken over and everyone is looking for options to save more storage space. Progressive Automations addresses this trend with the shelf lift mechanism aimed to provide a solution for you to store items without compromising on space leaving you with a clean and organized garage space.

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Easy installation

Along with its many advantages, the motorized shelf lift is simple and easy to install. Just follow the instructions given in the user manual with the product and in just a few minutes you will have your very own motorized shelf system.

This clever addition by Progressive Automation keeps objects out of sight and in reach when you need them with the touch of a button. The versatile motorized shelf lift mechanism can be used in residential garages as well as in warehouses for safe storage of stock or heavy stationery making space for walkways or storage options beneath.

Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer