Open Doors The Automated Way - Using Linear Actuators
Open Doors The Automated Way - Using Linear Actuators

Open Doors The Automated Way - Using Linear Actuators

Imagine having a door that you don’t have to touch to open. At first, it might sound strange, but you’ve definitely seen this mechanism in action already, for example, in garage doors, many of which use 12v linear actuators.

What Is a 12v Linear Actuator?

A linear actuator provides thrust force and can replace pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders in many projects. It is based on a drive mechanism (belt drive, ball or lead screw drive, pneumatic drive, etc.). They are very simple to maintain and practical. The moment you switch from your fluid power to electrically driven motion, you’ll understand the appeal.

It is also the most common type of actuators. 12v actuators are suitable for many projects and jobs. Also, 12v linear actuators will save you a good dime with all their benefits such as:
  • No need to replace hydraulic fluid.

    • No need to repair leaks.

      • Using bearing lubrication only.

        • Not many components to maintain.

        Most of the time, the automatic doors require heavy duty actuators. They help to allocate the weight of heavy objects like garage doors or gates. These actuators will definitely serve you well for quite a long time if set right.

        Usually, the actuator is purchased to perfect the doors’ functionality, especially when it comes to garage or warehouse doors. But it suits every type of door, helping it work smoothly and quietly, unlike regular door mechanisms. So, if you are planning to install one at home or at your office, don’t hesitate.

        Actuators are very easy to install, and they come with detailed instructions, but if you have any doubts, consider asking a professional to help you with the project.

        Before purchasing an actuator, determine the force you need for your door. Mini actuators can work with up to 150 pounds of force, where standard ones can handle up to 400 pounds of force, and heavy-duty ones up to 2000 pounds of force.

        If your next project is about garage doors or swing gates, you probably need to use heavy duty actuators. But if you want to automate your cat door, a mini actuator should do just fine.

        Keep in mind that linear actuators and actuators, in general, can create vibrations. So, make sure you have strong walls and quality materials that can work with a little vibration.

        If you are searching for a linear actuator for your next project, consider our 12v actuators able to lift from 11 to 2000 lbs. Have fun with your projects and don’t forget about safety.

        Anna Sapiga

        AZ Engineer