Motorized Ceiling Drop-Down TV Mount
Motorized Ceiling Drop-Down TV Mount

Motorized Ceiling Drop-Down TV Mount

Nowadays, ordinary TV tables and simple cabinets are gradually losing their popularity. Convenient and functional motorized ceiling drop-down TV mount for monitors allows customers to distribute free space in their houses optimally. This automation technology is pretty applicable to the creation of cozy modern interiors for highly-technological apartments.

What does the Ceiling Drop-Down Technology Look Like?

The ceiling-mounted TV lifts are the structures made of plastic, steel or aluminum, that are used to place television panels and other items in order to make them always remain at the point of the best sight. There are two types of TV mount mechanisms: ceiling and wall. The ceiling mount mechanism for the TV has the following advantages: it saves space; makes it possible to install the TV at the required height; TV angle and tilt are easily adjustable.

Customers can attach the drop-down TV mount anywhere on the ceiling - even in the center of the living room. The only drawback of the ceiling TV mount is the lack of possibility to attach it in a room with a low ceiling. There are two ways of how to mount TV from the ceiling the standard and swivel. The second one allows for changing the position of the TV to select the optimal screen positioning. This function can be useful in large rooms and in those room types that have different viewing angles.

Motorized Ceiling Drop-Down TV Lift - How Does it Work?

The automation era has given the world yet another trend in interior design related to televisions, and the possibility to show and hide them in the interior when desired. We are talking about the motorized drop-down ceiling mount for the TV. With the help of this technology, a TV panel that was previously hidden in the interior of the room can float out of the walls with a smooth solemnity or retract from the ceiling.

The history of motorized brackets originates from action movies where the main characters frequently use ground-breaking technologies like automated motorized ceiling drop-down TV mount. The PA engineers being inspired by such movies did their best to embody such ideas into reality and create the technology that can transform any interior into the geek cave with super technologies. With all the external lightness this motorized drop-down TV ceiling mount is quite complex in the engineering sense of the device. The controlling technology monitors current positions at every moment, preventing untimely rotation or folding of the TV mount. In other words, until the bracket folds or rotates to the desired position it just can’t disappear into the interior niche in the ceiling because its technology won’t allow it.

How to Choose a Motorized Ceiling Drop Down TV Mount

When choosing the ceiling drop-down TV lift, customers have to pay attention to the following aspects of this linear motion automation technology for the home. Not all TV mount models can be mounted on a plasterboard-suspended ceiling. Professional automation experts advise purchasing the appropriate TV models and the relevant mounting element (according to the Video Electronics Standards Association standard). If both elements are labeled with the same letter they will perfectly suit each other. The warranty card must state the possibility of replacing the unsuitable or damaged product. The branded bracket must have a Technical Inspection Association safety certificate. It is best to fix the bracket at eye level or slightly higher. The Autolock protection mechanism also can help to prevent the adapter from detaching from the flat panel. Progressive Automations - the linear motion automation leader in Canada and in the United States provides all its products with the warranties so that customers can be fully secured from any cheating and fell well about the technical maintenance just in case. 

Drop-Down TV Lift  from Ceiling VS Flip-Down Lifts from Ceiling

There are two main types of motorized TV lift systems that can be automated by means of retracting the monitor frame right from the ceiling. The moving mechanisms used withing these lifting systems are called sliders. These devices allow flat-screen monitors to smoothly appear and disappear in the rectangular holes made directly to hold the monitors in safety when customers don’t need them. 

The motorized drop-down ceiling TV bracket is undoubtedly the most popular motorized type of TV lift system that is used for modern designs and interiors. Designs can have one, two, or even three optional positions. In this type of bracket, the greatest engineering accomplishment is the ceiling brackets that can change their degree right after the retraction from the ceiling. This is the so-called two-stages vertical transformations of the TV lift system. The TV panel can rotate up to 360 degrees in a horizontal plane. These positioning TV lifts are also called flip-down TV lifts. Moreover, the structure when folded takes up only about 32 centimeters of the ceiling thickness to fully hide the TV lift system away from the plain sight. Relating the ordinary drop-down retractable TV ceiling mount - this type of automation systems for TV monitor control can only be moved straight up or down. Consequently, this type of system requires the rectangular ceiling holes of dimensions large enough to place the TV monitors within.

Mounting Process

Far not all apartments can boast of a large amount of free space. That is why saving space is one of the most important points in creating house interior design. This is especially true when it comes to such a necessary technique as a TV. To save space, many owners of modern TV monitors prefer to use the retractable  TV mounts from the ceiling and the swivel retractable systems, as it is practical and stylish. The installation process requires free space or a specially prepared niche to place the monitor that must be automated with the help of the drop-down TV lift system. 

Those who want to install the TV mount inexpensively and at the same time not to make a mistake need to consider a number of important aspects. First of all, you should pay attention to the maximum workload of the TV lift system model. Before buying the bracket, look in the technical documentation of your TV, check its weight and make sure that it does not exceed the maximum numbers declared for drop-down system mounting capabilities.

The bracket is mounted on the support part and then a TV is mounted on it. After that, it is worth checking the strength of the entire construction. 

Additional Parts to Complete Ceiling Drop-Down System Installation

It is also important to make sure that the drop-down TV mount model is covered by the warranty. Mounting plate, as well as anchor bolts or dowels, can be used to fasten the whole construction to the ceiling. All the necessary wires after connection can be hidden into the special wire box that serves to hide all the communications of the automation construction.

Motorized ceiling drop-down TV Mounts can serve for both practical and aesthetic purposes. This technology allows comfortably save a lot of space within the house interior, but also to turn this interior design into a transformable multifunctional space. Drop-down lift systems are the perfect solution for houses and apartments of all sizes. House owners can feel their benefits right after the installation and experience this high-level comfort that can serve for various purposes.

Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer