Linear Actuators to Automate the Trunk of your Car
Linear Actuators to Automate the Trunk of your Car

Linear Actuators to Automate the Trunk of your Car

We wont forget the painfully boring situation in which at least once, we've got into our car, started the engine and suddenly realized we forgot something in the trunk. 

The whole process of opening and closing the trunk of the car with a linear actuator looks like this: You turn off the engine because to open the lock you will need the keys. Then one ought to get out. All this is totally inconsistent and time-consuming, especially when you have to hurry. 

In order to fully automate this process and save the driver from unnecessary movements, a trunk lift actuator was developed. Nowadays, such a device can be installed on any vehicle with the help of linear actuators.

Trunk Linear Actuator: Functional Features 

Let's start with the fact that the option allowing you to open the trunk lid from the cabin, appeared fairly recently. As a result, drivers equipped with such a device have not yet fully managed to get used to the new product. In order to activate the actuator and open the trunk, you should press the appropriate button. There is nothing particularly complicated, but for how much the procedure itself is simplified, especially when it's cold outside.

By the way, the installation of such device helps drivers more than ever during the cold season, when it is not possible to open the frozen lock with a key.

Most drivers begin to mercilessly pour boiling water on it, heat the key with a lighter, sprinkle various defrosters into the core. And if they had a trunk linear actuator, this problem would be resolved by itself.

With the electric drive installed on the vehicle, it is possible to open and close the tailgate with a key. A few years ago, such a device was installed "out of the box" only in the executive cars. 

However, in recent years, most middle-class cars have a trunk actuator among their regular devices. If it happened so the purchased car is not equipped with such a useful option, don't be sad, because the actuator can be installed with your own hands.

Pattern and principle of the luggage electric drive

The pattern is represented by the following details:

  • electric trunk;
  • electric motor;
  • drive rod;
  • fuze;

Nowadays two-rod drive patterns have been developed. It can be an electric motor or special magnetic plates. Note that the first type is more common because of its utility. The drive with magnetic plates has a more complex structure and some operational issues. 

The principle of its operation is based on the interaction of magnetic plates and relays: when power is applied to the relay, it actuates a rod that interacts with the tailgate lock. Installing this type of drive on a classic car may be an unjustified measure since such a design can make it difficult to open and close the tailgate on such vehicles.

Speed of installation

Before you install a trunk locking motor with your own hands, you need to make sure that this is expedient, since due to the structural features of some models, it is considered irrational to carry out such a modernization. 

That is for an electric drive is installed on the trunk door, consisting of two electric motors and an assist. That is why the trunk can be opened either by means of a special button from the cabin or by using the opening mechanism of the outer handle. You can also give commands to the lock actuator using the remote control system

In addition, special force limiters are built into the electric motor, which stops the opening when there exists an obstacle. 

Similarly, the mechanism works when closing, however, when there is interference, the process changes (the doors begin to open slightly). 

In this case, you will have to open or close the trunk with your hands, because, after a short-term stronger impact, the operation of the electric drive is blocked, after which the trunk lid can be effected without much effort. In case of incorrect functioning, you will have to put considerable effort into the trunk door.

Electric drive connection diagram

Based on the aforesaid, before the installation, in addition to the device itself, it will be necessary to select and purchase an appropriate appliance. Of course, installing such addition on a car (if it is justified by the structural features of the rear compartment) will allow you to feel more comfortable. 

Therefore, if there are no restrictions on how to install an electric drive with your own hands, you should not postpone this setup until later, especially since the process of upgrading the trunk does not have special difficulties and is quite beyond the power of the average car owner.

Which device to choose?

Note that the linear actuator for trunk opener is just as important as, for example, the tires. Therefore it is necessary to choose wisely. You should not pay attention to cheap Chinese mechanisms that can be found in any car shop. Such devices, in addition to having a small operational life, often fail. 

From the total mass of represented on the market electric locks, one may pay attention to the PA actuators, since they are stable in operation and have a long service life.

How to install the electric lock on the trunk lid?

Before installation, prepare a set of necessary tools and additional materials. 

So, we need:

  • Terminals.
  • Duct tape.
  • Safety mounts.
  • Set of wrenches.
  • Several screwdrivers.
  • Clipper.
  • Pliers.

It is necessary to begin the installation by dismantling the plastic lining located on its inner side, which blocks access to the lock. The next stage of installation will be laying the wiring to the lock. 

The drive button can be installed in any convenient place. After that, go to the laying of power wires. This will require about 3.5 meters of cable. The final stage of installation will be the installation of a modified trunk lock with its subsequent inclusion in the network and configuration. 

Jake Hewer

AZ Engineer