How to Set Standing Desk Presets
How to Set Standing Desk Presets

How to Set Standing Desk Presets

Desks have evolved in recent years to cater to the demand for healthier, more convenient lifestyles, and to keep up with developing technology. The use of standing desks in homes and offices has become more popular and with this increase in demand and popularity, technology and innovation have also evolved. The remote controls of standing desks now come with an additional feature of presetting your desired desk heights, making the device even more convenient. This article will outline how to use this preset function to ultimately improve your standing desk experience.

Using a Standing Desk: The Benefits

In modern times, it has become apparent that people spend a huge amount of time sitting. Noticing the detrimental effect of what prolonged sitting does to our well-being, standing desks entered the market. Making the switch from sitting at work enables us to burn more calories, keep our muscles fit, and lessen the risk of developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and deep vein thrombosis.

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Another advantage of contemporary standing desks is the state-of-the-art standing desk systems, allowing you to adapt its height per your requirements. Thanks to this advanced technology, purchasing an adjustable standing desk means you are getting multiple desks variations for the price of one. The remote-control feature allows you to transform the desk by scaling the adjustable desk height upwards and downwards to suit your desired height. The current automation trend utilizes actuators for countless applications, making adjusting the height of standing desks an easy feat.

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Smart Standing Desk Options

With the evolution of smart technologies, people have taken the step to make their surroundings intelligent as well. Equipped with software that enables regulation of a work desk height manually or through remote control, engineers are taking the next step in developing ‘smart furniture’.

Using electronics to adjust the desired desk height through manual input has now changed. If you share the adjusting desk with someone else – be it a colleague or another family member – they are likely to have their own perfect standing worktable height. But adjusting it every time another person starts using it (or when you like to alternate between standing and sitting) is a waste of time and effort, especially if it happens several times a day. There is a simple solution: pre-program the desk so that you can return to the position that suits you. It’s a simple feature that will make your standing desk experience a lot easier!

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How to Set Standing Desk Presets

The normal operation of the remote control involves raising or lowering the desk via holding the “Up” and “Down” buttons in the pressed position. When you release the button, the desktop will stop. However, further to this function there is also a preset feature available on some of our remotes.

  1. Set your desk height to where your preferred height by using the up and down arrows.
  2. There are numbers (typically 1 to 4) included on the face of the remote.
  3. Once you are at your desired height, press and hold any of the numbers to save this height to that number.
  4. The remote will emit a beeping noise when this height has been saved – do not release the number until you hear this beep.
  5. Readjust the desk to an alternative desired desk height – for instance, the first height you set could have been your ideal seated position height and the next your standing position height.
  6. Repeat the process, pressing and holding a different number until you hear the beeping noise.
  7. This is your second preset desk height.
  8. Depending on the number of numbers, you can set this amount of preset desk heights.

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To adjust your desk to a preset height saved to a number, just press the number (do not hold) and the desk will automatically raise or lower to this preset height.

Your desk is now preset with any number of desired desk heights, making the transition from sitting to standing seamless and easy; it literally is just a press of a button! It may be especially helpful if you are sharing this desk with someone else and save your preferred heights to different numbers.


A modern standing desk has stopped being a static wooden structure and has now transformed into another avenue of smart technology. As discussed in this article, the height of desks can be easily adjusted and preset involving a minimal number of steps, allowing you to comfortably spend your day at a workstation that suits you.

Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer