Best Actuators For Lifting Equipment
Best Actuators For Lifting Equipment

Best Actuators For Lifting Equipment

Linear actuators play one of the key roles in many industries as well as the whole technological world. Most of the time you will not even be aware that they are a part of  automation solutions, but if it involves machinery, the linear actuator is almost always one of the components of a variety of machines.

Those small but useful tools can easily automate dozens of routine actions and lifting is no exception. So let’s talk about actuators and discuss what they mean for lifting equipment.

Types of Actuators

The linear actuator is the mechanical construction able to generate a straight-line motion. You can find it anywhere, starting with CD drives in your PC or printer you work with daily, continuing with your car’s engine.

The classification of the actuators is rather complex and we can also define many others. Depending on the movement within an actuator, it may either belong to the mechanical type where the motion is caused by the conversion of the mechanical detail; the hydraulic type which is featured with the hollow cylinder and its motion depends on a pressure inside it; or electric actuators controlled by an electric motor.

Linear Actuators, the Best Option for a Lifting Column

Now, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that electric linear actuators are your best option for lifting equipment implementation and performance. They have several considerable advantages:

  • Reasonable Price

The prices on linear actuators vary widely. The tool may cost from a few hundred to a thousand dollars per item. It depends on the complexity of the device, its purposes and the manufacturer. When compared to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, electric linear actuators feature much better prices with a wide field of high-quality products. 

  • Automation Opportunities

This actuator can be controlled remotely and perform simple actions. The proper software is required to make it run seamlessly and automate certain processes. It solves programmed tasks without your participation and allows saving time for more important tasks. 

  • Universal Construction
You can find electric linear actuators that can fit almost any motor and almost any shape. Depending on what your lifting equipment requires, its design and options can work with you to pick the best tool. 

Basic Features of Actuators for Lifting Equipment

Photo of the FLT-07 by Progressive Automations

Let us take a closer look at the features of the actuator for the lifting equipment.

  • Static Load Capacity

When a motor stops the actuator is still able to support a load. This is called the static load capacity of the actuator. This feature positively influences the mobility and speed.

  • Dynamic Load Capacity

This is the maximum force the actuator can produce during the operation. This feature defines where to use the actuator, and it is the best indicator of its possibilities.

  • Speed

Speed matters a lot too. Such things as construction specifics and the voltage supplied to the motor define how fast it is able to move.

  • Duty Cycle

The number of operations the actuator can perform before it needs to stop. The guideline of the chosen actuator will say enough about how to use it properly and what duty cycle is permitted.

Linear actuators for lifting columns can also demonstrate several additional features like mounting configuration, overload clutch, motor protection, potentiometer feedback and dynamic braking. Depending on what you need to lift and how high it should be lifted, you can pick one of the options offered by Progressive Automations.

Progressive Automations: Your Reliable Provider of High-Quality Actuators

We have been delivering excellent technical solutions to our customers for many years. Starting from the simplest constructions and the most common applications, we have overcome many challenges and proven our customers that they can always count on us.

On the pages of our website, you can find all the needed information about the actuators for lifting equipment and ask our support team about anything you need assistance with. We will provide you with the qualified advice and the profound explanation of the specifics, features, maintenance, etc. Great design, brilliant performance, and friendly team of professionals – you can find it all at our website.

Final Thoughts

Electric linear actuators can improve your processes considerably. Your lifting equipment can be upgraded with the small but smartly designed components. No matter what your purpose is, be it the industrial development or a hobby of a technology enthusiast, we can provide you with the high-quality tools. With a powerful actuator, you can optimize and automate the lifting operations. And the earlier you start working, the earlier you will observe the results! So let’s discuss your needs and wishes today and find the best actuator for your needs.

Jake Hewer

AZ Engineer