Window Automation In Smart Homes
Window Automation In Smart Homes

Window Automation In Smart Homes

In the era of information technology, one of the many things that made their way from sci-fi novels into everyday life is the Internet of Things. Among other things, it means whole-home automation in all its multiple, versatile forms, from Roombas and smart toasters to pet fitness collars. A smart home possesses that intriguing quality for the final users, which spells ‘future’ with a capital ‘F’.

The pace of life is rapid and often stressful, and modern people need help from multiple appliances to take care of everyday tasks. That’s why we have vacuum cleaners, washing machines, microwaves, and electric kettles. But even more than these traditional little helpers, there are automated systems that turn our homes into truly smart houses - security, fire alarm, climate control, etc. And here’s another feature that is often neglected yet potentially invaluable: automated home windows.

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What is window automation and is it a good idea for a smart home?

People nowadays are pretty familiar with such forms of home automation such as electric wall beds, height-adjustable desks, or automated hidden cabinets and much more. They provide comfort and allow you to save space, which is essential for smaller apartments, but also useful for bigger houses.

However, Automated windows are quite a recent innovation and are not as widely installed as other forms of smart home automation, even though their potential is great. The primary goal is convenience since you can control motorized windows and blinds with a push of a button. Whether you want them open or close, all you need is a single command from a remote control or your smartphone - and you have it, and opened or closed window, without the need to get up and do it by hand.

But even more importantly, you can protect your home better by integrating automated windows into the rest of your smart home. Electric sliding window openers offer home protection in case of harsh weather conditions like rain or hail. Imagine you don’t have to go around all the rooms in your house, closing the windows when it starts to rain or during a snow storm. Moreover, with the help of technology & sensors, you can program your automated window to detect any change in weather conditions and automatically open or close the windows of your home even when you are away.

An added benefit of an automated window is you get to save some money on heating and cooling. Synchronized with the rest of your smart house, specifically the system of climate control, as well as lighting, automatic window openers can save you a substantial sum of money over the years.

How does an automatic window opener work?

Now that you understand it’s benefits, let’s find out more about it working. Motorized window openers need the help of linear motion technology. Simple and versatile, electric linear actuators control the opening/closing of the windows and blinds as programmed or when receiving the appropriate command from the control box.

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The simplicity in its construction makes electric actuators an affordable and reliable technology to use in such a mechanism. Multiple actuators can be synchronized and controlled from a single point - or you can control them separately. Plus, you can also install them yourself with just a little bit of determination and free time, which is a huge bonus if you have a limited budget.

The feature of electric linear actuators that makes them an essential part of home control systems is the possibility to be controlled from a distance. Be it a dial on your wall, a remote, or a smartphone app (with voice recognition installed, neat!), you can control your automatic window openers from a single access point.

Furthermore, you can do it by pressing a button - or program it to react to changing weather conditions automatically to make your home truly smart home. You don’t even need to be present at home physically. With smart home windows, you can open your blinds at a certain time of the day to let the light serve as your natural alarm clock and wake you up with the sun’s rays.

Home automation systems are rapidly crossing the threshold between the elite gadgetry and everyday solutions. Although automatic window openers are not installed today on a large scale, the industry predicts significant popularity growth within the next few years. And for a good reason: the comfort and safety of electric windows for homes are undeniable as they allow you to create and sustain the perfect environment inside your abode. Add the savings on your electric bills, and automatic window openers become an integral part of any modern smart home.

Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer