Smart Ideas for Garden Automation with Linear Actuators
Smart Ideas for Garden Automation with Linear Actuators

Smart Ideas for Garden Automation with Linear Actuators

Garden automation systems are needed for those who dream about having their own garden but cannot take care of it. Garden automation systems with linear actuators will maintain your garden with the minimum of your participation.

Indoor Gardens

A garden is a special place in every house. While not everybody has an outdoor garden, having an indoor garden is possible in any circumstances, even if you have very small accommodation. The main thing is to arrange it properly.

Indoor gardening requires some knowledge and taste. If you make an effort, you can create the best indoor garden, a subject of envy for your friends. Moreover, an indoor garden has some advantages:

  • It saves space.
  • It helps increases the growing season of plants.
  • Healthier plants grow indoors.
  • Plants take care of air in your home.

Automated Indoor Garden

An automated indoor garden will take care of your plants with your minimum participation. You can either order an automatic garden set or make your own automated garden.

An automated garden will water your plants according to the schedule or based on the needed soil humidity levels. Lighting will turn on and off automatically, and so on.

Indoor Garden Setup

You can arrange a small indoor garden anywhere. Consider first whether you want a container garden or a hydronic garden. The first option is mostly used for growing herbs and flowers. The second option is more common for growing vegetables.

Select the space for your home garden. It is not recommended to install your garden in cold spaces. Also, avoid the proximity of a fan or ventilation because they can dry out the plants.

Indoor Garden and Lighting

Lighting is important for your indoor smart garden. Even though windows provide your plants with some natural light, it is not sufficient for the plants to grow properly. That’s why you need to install LED lamps. They will provide your plants with natural light. Some gardeners apply foil on the internal walls of their gardens. They tell that foil reflects the light from lamps.

Install an electric timer that will turn on and off your lighting system automatically.

Indoor Plant Growing Machines

When it comes to plant growing machines, you have a good variety to select from. You might want to purchase a fully automated garden that takes care of your plants constantly. You put a seed in the soil, and the garden starts working. It provides the best light for indoor garden, waters your plants. The automated air conditioning system takes care of the proper atmosphere in your smart indoor garden.

The most advanced indoor herb growing systems regulate the mineral levels in the soil. When some components are needed, they will be added automatically. There are special cartridges that release CO2 for photosynthesis.

If a fully automated gardening system is not a case for you if you need to spend more time taking care of your plants, build your own indoor garden.

Photo of smart plant growth control

Indoor Garden Watering System

Your indoor garden watering system depends on the automation level that you want for your garden. If you are fine with something simpler, plant watering spikes and globes are a good choice.

However, if you want a fully automated garden, you might prefer indoor watering drip systems or self-watering containers. Automated watering garden systems do everything on their own. They use special sensors to monitor the soil humidity in containers and water the plants when the humidity level is below the optimal one.

Indoor Garden Design

The design of your indoor garden can be any. You might want to select self-watering pots for your garden. You can place them whenever you want or change their location when you want. You can order a ready garden. They are usually designed in the form of shelves.

Electric Garden

An electric herb garden is a garden where everything is automated. It is a mixture of a garden with the most advanced digital technologies and programming. It is equipped with sensors that transmit all the measurement data to a special app on your PC or your mobile device. You can monitor the garden condition anytime.

Outdoor Garden Lighting

If you have an opportunity to arrange an outdoor garden, you don’t need that expensive indoor gardening equipment. However, you might extend your garden automation project to outdoors, too.

Plants get enough sunlight if they grow outdoors. That’s why lighting for your garden outdoors is mainly used for decoration purposes. It is recommended to use 12-Volts lamps for your outdoors. They offer you the following benefits:

  • You can install them on your own
  • You don’t need to lay underground cables to use them
  • They are safe

Outdoor Garden Watering System

A proper watering system is needed if you forget to water your plants. There are many automated watering systems that turn on-off automatically. You set up a timer, and your sprinkler, hose or drip system starts working.

Photo of the garden and automatic irrigation system for grass and trees

Outdoor Garden Design

You can select any outdoor garden design for your garden. You might create a wonderful mini-landscape or arrange a huge park with alleys and ponds, all depends on the available space.

If your space doesn’t allow creating something extraordinary, you might like the idea of a plant wall. You can even buy a herb growing machine to make it all less troublesome for you.

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Waterproof Actuator

Linear actuators can be to create garden automation applications. Waterproof actuators such as the PA-10 can be used in automated watering systems. These actuators have the highest protection level and can work in harsh environments.

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