Noise Rate of the Actuator
Noise Rate of the Actuator

Noise Rate of the Actuator

Everybody would like their equipment to work as silently as it is possible. But if your actuators produce a lot of noise, nothing will help. High noise levels not only influence the comfort of the working conditions. High noise levels can cause some health issues such as:

  • Hearing impairment.
  • Hearing loss.
  • Tiredness.
  • High blood pressure level.
  • Tinnitus, a ringing, booming, or hissing sensation.
  • Stress, and many more issues.

Every one of these conditions, alone or in a combination with others, leads to the loss of attention, and, as a result, the risks of accidents increases. Now, you see why selecting silent components is crucial not only for the safety of workers but for productivity, too.

You might want to install automated TV lifts or other equipment in your room. If actuators have a noise level of 110 dB, you might not want to be in the room when you turn them on. That’s why it is important to select the most silent actuators for home application.

Actuators might work very silently or might produce high noise levels. Of course, it depends on a specific application too, but generally, it is advised to select the most silent actuators suitable for a specific application.

Thus, it is important to know how loud a selected actuator is.

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A Decibel Chart Helps to Select a Quiet Actuator

The noise level is measured in decibels. This term is named after the famous Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone inventor. Many people know what a decibel is, however, not many are aware of the entire set of acronyms used to determine the noise level. As well, not many are aware of what is >45 dB and why this noise level is used more frequently than others.

Our hearing is based on an amazing system. it allows us to hear a wide range of sounds, from the lowest to the highest ranges. However, if a sound comes that is too loud for our ears, it can damage our sensitive hearing system. It can result in a partial or full loss of hearing. In some cases, the consequences are temporary, however, in some cases, they are constant. But you can learn what noises are too strong for our hearing and either to avoid them or use protective equipment for your ears.

To select an actuator with the needed noise level, you can use Decibel System. The chart starts at 0, which means that the actuator almost doesn’t produce any noise when operating. To get you an idea of a particular noise level in Db, let us compare different values with sounds that you hear every day:

  • 0 – almost silent.
  • 15 – whispering.
  • 60 – normal conversation.
  • 110 – car horn.
  • 120 – rock concert.

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Why Should You Use Electric Actuators if You Want Your Equipment to Be Silent

Electric actuators are the most silent among all the available options. Their design is very simple which means that not many moving parts are involved. Thus, the sound level is much lower than the sound level produced by other actuator types. Even actuators for industrial applications will not produce sound levels above 45 dB. This is a standard value applied to determine a noise level higher than the one of whisper and lower than the one of a normal conversation. In other words, this is a noise level that is comfortable for our ears.

Some History

In the past, any actuator types could be used. Their noise level was not measured and there were no standards. No noise from actuators was heard because of loud machines and vehicles. Thus, the cheapest or the most powerful options used to be selected. You can imagine the noise level that was in the factories earlier. Nowadays, workers would just reject working in those conditions without any protection.

Now, the situation in enterprises has changed significantly. There are some standards, including those that regulate the noise levels. They are used to protect workers, to decrease the possibility of accidents and to increase the productivity level. Thus, you need to know what the Decibel system is and why it is needed.

Actuators have found their application in our homes, too. This is a very specific application field where silence and comfort are valued most. The less noise at home we have the more pleasant experiences we have there and the higher the life level is.

There is good news for you though. All the electric actuators provided by the leading manufacturers work with the noise level below 45 dB. It means that they are absolutely safe for our ears. However, if you are selecting an actuator to use it at home, make sure you are choosing the most silent option that can be applied. If you don’t find one, a leading manufacturer always will offer you the options to customize the selected actuator.

Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer