Modern Pergola Designs with Actuators
Modern Pergola Designs with Actuators

Modern Pergola Designs with Actuators

A garden pergola is an extension or canopy densely overgrown with climbing plants, designed to protect a terrace or passage from the burning sun rays. The lights and shadows create a special atmosphere of comfort inside the pergola.

Pergolas have evolved over time. A modern pergola is a product of advanced technology, and it consists of repeating modules or arches connected between crosswise bars. Sometimes a metal pergola can be made without base and can take the form of a canopy. The attached pergola is a continuation of the main building. Pergola with canopy, installed at a certain distance from the house, is a separate independent construction. An aluminum, plastic or wooden pergola is a modern and very effective design element.

Modern Outdoor Shade Ideas

Today, designers can make an automated outdoor pergola as a zest of landscape design, creating a backyard shade of the central building of a restaurant or hotel complex. Modern pergolas can be made of various materials, such as metal, metal-plastic, or wood.

Linear actuator to use outdoor

The modern automatic backyard pergola is made of the following elements:

● Vertical and horizontal supports, which together serve as guides for moving elements and a drainage device.
● Duplicate sections. As a rule, aluminum pergolas for a veranda or terrace have a modular design. This is especially convenient for commercial use. For example, retractable terrace pergolas for restaurants, cafes or for remote trade facilities.
● Protecting elements: rotary lamellas, waterproof actuators, sliding or single-pitch canopy, as well as screens that protect against wind.

The Main and Additional Functions of a Pergola

Initially, such constructions were used solely for protection against sunlight, which is quite important for hot southern climates. In the middle latitudes, the pergola performs the following functions:

● Dividing a house yard into zones.
● The functional element of a recreation area, for example, a corner pergola in the yard.
● Decor for landscape design, for example, a white pergola among the green trees on the shore of a pond.
● A pergola attached to a house can hide a building area that does not fit into the general architectural ensemble of the site.

The pergola densely overgrown with climbing plants

The Principle of Automation Work

Linear actuators are designed to help you with all your automation needs and you can thus automate your pergola with the help of electric actuators.
Electric actuators, unlike hydraulic ones, guarantees stable performance in different weather conditions and do not require any maintenance. To control the actuator, you can use a remote control or install a special application on your smartphone.

You can order the pergola or build a freestanding patio cover with your own hands. To do this, you need to develop your pergola design, have some free time, a great desire and a standard household toolset.


Modern custom-made pergolas for cafes, restaurants or household use differ by the following parameters:


● Freestanding construction. This is an independent architectural element.
● Wall construction - placed next to the house.


● Until recently, these constructions were made exclusively by hand from wood, brick, stone, forged metal, or combined materials.
● Today, many owners prefer to buy a metal pergola, as they are more durable and technologically advanced in assembly. Modern materials reduce the cost of the product while increasing durability and making the installation process easier, more technological and faster.

Household Use

A small pergola can be used as a design accent or combine the landscape and buildings into a single style.

A canopy can be used as a secure parking place. In this case, it is better to use indoor or sliding structures with ZIP systems for reliable isolation from weather conditions.

Modern pergola beautiful view

Commercial Use

Large pergolas are used by restaurant businesses as a summer tent on summer grounds, including those on the roofs. This is a convenient format with remote control, rain sensors and other innovations that help not only attract customers but also significantly increase their comfort.

Modern materials help to make the design more reliable and durable. Anodized aluminum and stainless steel are used for the production of load-bearing structural elements. Enclosures are made of aluminum, impact-resistant plastic or strong thick fabric impregnated with moisture repellents. It is easy to disassemble a folding construction for the cold season.

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Pergolas with automatic actuators cost more than manual constructions. However, the efficiency and simplicity of modification of the device in any weather conditions will allow staff not to be distracted from customer service while providing them with comfortable seating.

Stores also use sliding pergolas, which help to expand sales areas, attract new buyers and protect them from the rain.



Create comfortable conditions in your private or commercial area using a great variety of pergola ideas. Order ready-made pergolas or aim for a DIY project using actuators to create a unique design.

Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer