Interesting Robotics: Best Movies with Robots
Interesting Robotics: Best Movies with Robots

Interesting Robotics: Best Movies with Robots

Robotics has been around for a while. It has evolved from primitive mechanisms to robots that look and move like people. And of course, we see them being depicted in movies about robots. From Sci-fi movies to romantic comedies, robots make for interesting roles in films. We can speculate, predict, and then, enjoy the end product.

Movie Robots

Movie robots can be absolutely different. In some movies, we see a cute robot that wants to be a friend to everybody. Other movies speculate about the eternal wish of supposedly any classic robot: to become a human, and so on.

The list of scenarios is endless. Some robots in movies are kind and friendly. Others are against humanity, they are evil. But all of them are fascinating.

Best Robot Movies

There have been many movies about robots filmed. Probably, the best of them are about humanoid robots. Some of them were filmed when robotics was at a rather primitive stage. Moreover, some robots movie characters still have to be created. Still, the technology level doesn’t allow making such masterpieces. Because of that, these movies are still popular.

Robot Movies from the 80s

Clash of the Titans, a famous movie with robots, was released in 1981. The movie is featuring Bubo, the owl of Athena. Today, the robotic replica of the owl was developed. These robots are used to study birds and to learn local ecosystems

The RoboCop movie was released in 1987. It features a cyborg police officer helping his human colleagues to fight the crime. Nowadays, RoboCop has a real replica. A RoboCop in Dubai helps people in reporting crimes and paying fines.

Robot Movies from the 90s

The Terminator is no doubt one of the best movies of the period. It was released in 1984. It was the time when robotics had achieved quite a high level. People were afraid that robots once might confront them and take over power.

In the movie, James Cameroon revealed all fears of people regarding robots. The director shows a futuristic robot that is more skilled, more powerful, in all regards better than people. The best humanoid robot can be stronger than people, and it scares them.

Photo of man and robot meet and handshake

New Robot Movies

A.I. Artificial Intelligence, 2001, is an amazing film about a young robot who wanted to become a human. This film is not just about robots but about feelings. The young robot-boy is looking for acceptance and learns to feel and to love. This is one of the deepest, the best artificial intelligence movies.

If you prefer a movie about robots filled with action, The Matrix is the best option for you. Even though it was filmed more than two decades ago, it is one of the best movies about AI.

It reveals one of our deepest fears that one day, at a certain point in AI development, we will not be needed anymore. People are used as batteries for huge robots, and the world of people is nothing but a huge matrix – what can be scarier?

Cartoon Robots

Among all the cartoons about robots, Big Hero, 6 is for sure one of the most touching. This Disney robot movie is a family film that is sure to charm little kids, teens and even adults. It consists of themes such as love, attachment, friendship, and so on.

The main character wants to become an engineer and study robotics. He developed a new idea and is trying to implement it. With the help of his cute and funny robot friend Baymax, they team up with a group of other friends to form a band of High-tech heroes, to avenge Hiro’s brothers’ death.

Sci-Fi Robots

In our robot movie list, Blade Runner takes a special place. In this film, robots are portrayed as humans, just like us. They experience emotions which in turn creates a sense of empathy for the character, thus, making it easier for viewers to accept the existence of robots in real life. Moreover, our sympathetic response to the character may also have a lot to with the fact that the actors are really human. Movies such as Blade Runner & more may cause future generations to be a lot more responsive and accepting of humanoid robots and the possibility of working alongside one.

DIY Robots

Our robot movies list can be extended more. However, the idea is not to provide you with a list of movies to watch. The idea is to demonstrate that robotics has been around for long. People have imagined robots in different ways. Now, we can assess what was correct and what was just an imagination.

If we have inspired you with robots, you can try to make one. There are many DIY robot kits for sale.  You can select a kit to make a character from science fiction movies for kids. You can check either an extensive list of robot cartoons and look for the needed kits. If it is not available, you can even try to make a robot on your own.

Photo of young boy repairing the robot in the workshop at night

How to Make a Robot

Building a complex robot is not an easy task. Of course, you can try to construct something basic from already available materials. But if you want to create a character from the list of robot cartoons, you shall understand at least the basics of robotics. If it is not the case, you can try LEGO robots.

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