Industrial Use of Lifting Columns: Top 10 Applications
Industrial Use of Lifting Columns: Top 10 Applications

Industrial Use of Lifting Columns: Top 10 Applications

Lifting columns, or telescopic columns, are types of electromechanical actuators designed for installation in height-adjustable devices, such as a motorized lift table, both as single central support and instead of legs. It can fit any device, equipment, or a regular desktop. The telescopic column can be extended twice or even more if required, thereby changing the height by a sufficiently wide range. This article will explore the different uses of lifting columns and where you would typically find them.

Key Features of Lifting Columns

Before getting into where you would typically find lifting columns, let’s discuss the key features:

Component Parts of a Column

A single column lift has a light-alloy telescopic housing of two or three sections with mechanical and electric drives within. The control system and remote control can be built-in or installed separately in a convenient place.

Photo of the lifting columns by Progressive Automations

Technical Features of the Lifting Column

The maximum load for a lifting column, the lifting height, and the maximum speed can vary widely. Lifting columns are therefore designed to cater to these variations and should be carefully considered by the buyer. Externally, models of lifting columns are not very different from each other: the difference may lie in the shape of the cross-section of the body (rectangular or round) and the location of the engine, which can be internal or external.

Benefits of the Electromechanical Column Lift Actuator

The most important advantage of lifting columns compared to conventional rod actuators is that thanks to their design features, they can withstand moderate torque loads in any direction. Such loads occur when, for example, a load is applied to the edge of a countertop or when trying to rotate it about a vertical axis.

Where Are Electric Lifting Systems Used?

We have developed universal and specialized electric lifting columns for various areas of industrial production, medicine, and business. We have compiled a list of the Top Ten areas you would find electric lifting systems below:

Photo of a hospital bed

1.   Care for the Elderly and Sedentary Patients

Along with increased longevity, the need for improving and automating care systems for the elderly is growing. The electric lift system is used for smooth adjustment of the position of the following equipment:

  • beds for nursing homes;
  • beds for patients at home;
  • lifts for patients in therapeutic departments;
  • in wheelchairs.

Using a stable lift system with a basic configuration provides comfortable conditions for patients and staff. Intelligent solutions such as under bed lights, bed sensors, moisture sensors, and scales create even more convenient conditions.

Photo of a woman and a table with column lifts

2.    Column Lift Linear Actuator for Tables

Actuators provide low-noise and smooth regulation of tables for various purposes. A table adjuster is used in technical and industrial workplaces, as well as in the design of office desks. Sturdy office furniture creates comfortable conditions for employees, ensuring labor efficiency throughout the working day. Round, oval, and square column designs are at your disposal to maintain the interior in a single style. Desk assembly will not be a problem for a person who knows how to use a screwdriver! An upside-down desk or a long office desk with a lift can be used for sitting or standing work. Each industry needs sturdy desks with sufficient load and increased reliability.

Photo of a modern kitchen

3.   Kitchen Workstations

A modern kitchen means plenty of open space as well as built-in appliances. These characteristics are extremely important when it comes to the restaurant or hotel business, where speed and convenience of work are highly appreciated. This is possible due to actuators. Columns in kitchens can be seen in the following areas:

  • adjustable countertops;
  • intelligent storage solutions for multifunctional kitchen workbenches;
  • built-in oven hoods;
  • adjustable side tables in bars.

Kitchens with columns are also seen in modern houses and have safe controls for built-in elements that are easy to use for both adults and children.

Photo of cars at a service station

4.   Heavy-Duty Workstations

Actuators include superpower models. Such an industrial column is used in vehicles, packaging, textile, and welding machines, in the stage lift system. Using a column lift actuator saves energy and eliminates expensive equipment, pumps, compressors, hoses, and other solutions of the last century. The use of superpower column lifts is becoming more common as they help to save funds due to replacing manual labor.

5.    Display Stands

An electric lifting column is an excellent solution for elevators of large TV screens, monitors, and displays. This solution can be seen in interactive conference halls, university or school auditoriums, exhibition halls, home theatres – the list is endless!

6.   Hospital Solutions

Electric lifting systems are used in drives for hospital chairs, operating tables, beds, and to provide patients with comfortable conditions. At the same time, they facilitate the work of medical staff in many areas. Once such benefit involves the elimination of hospital workers having to manually move patients.

Photo of a beautiful living room

7.    Interior Solutions

A lifting column is used in drives that regulate the height of shop equipment such as racks, shelves, and counters. This provides a more comfortable and smarter working environment for the staff. Store employees receive ergonomic jobs and suffer less fatigue and back pain!

8.    Treatment Solutions

The silent ergonomic lifting column can be seen in the chairs for treatment and diagnostic purposes as well as dental electric tables and chairs, providing comfortable conditions for both patients and medical workers.

Photo of a family yacht on the sea

9.    Marine Systems

The telescopic lifting column is used in modern shipbuilding for the automation of all control systems and navigation of a ship of any size and purpose. It can be a huge cargo ship or a cozy family yacht.

10.  Agriculture

Electric actuators have become a staple in the agricultural industry, making tedious, long tasks simple through automation. These actuators are used in areas such as nodes and mechanisms of combine harvesters, spraying systems, seeders, grinders, and fertilizer spreaders.

We offer a wide variety of lifting columns for different purposes. Just ask, and you will receive answers to your questions as well as necessary recommendations and products of high quality.

Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer