How to Combine Your Fireplace and TV Lift Cabinet
How to Combine Your Fireplace and TV Lift Cabinet

How to Combine Your Fireplace and TV Lift Cabinet

What appears in your mind when you hear the words ‘cozy’, ‘snug’, or ‘homely’? Everybody has their own associations but for many, a fireplace is often part of this visualization. The fireplace has stopped being the focal point in many homes and instead has been replaced by TV’s and other technological devices. However, the fireplace is still a staple in most homes, seen as a warm, cozy necessity. With this in mind, innovative designers and engineers brainstormed the concept of combining both fireplace and TV cabinet. Through the use of electric linear actuators, this form of home automation offers a perfect blend of both essential living room elements – a fireplace with a TV built in to its framework.

Combining a TV Lift Cabinet with a Fireplace

The current trend of domestic mechanization relies largely on linear actuators. Thanks to these compact but powerful devices, engineers have provided the ability to automate most of the household environment, from furniture and shelves, to windows and doors. Automated TV sets and lifts are a popular biproduct of this trend. Through the use of inventive engineering and linear actuators, popup TV stands that stash the screen out of sight in different hideaways is the most popular. The growing drive for space-saving has resulted in several ideas, and a fireplace with a hidden TV is becoming quite a popular solution.

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Electric fireplace with tv lift


Real Vs. Electric Fireplaces

So, how can you combine delicate electronics within a source of heating? If it is a real fireplace, the simple answer is that you can’t. However, a TV lift cabinet with an electric fireplace is a feasible design. Why is this? The answer lies in the principles of the functionality of an electric fireplace; it can be of two kinds.

In forced fan fireplaces the hot air coming from heated coils is blown all out of the unit by a silent fan. Alternatively, infrared quartz fireplaces warm the room not with air blowing from the unit, but through the objects in the room by shining infrared light upon them. Both types of electric fireplaces are quite safe to position a TV set nearby, especially when it is housed in a protecting cabinet. The main factor that needs to be kept in mind, however, is the direction where the warm air is pushed; you need to ensure it is not blowing in the same direction as the TV set.

Bedroom with TV lift cabinet


How to Install it Into Your Fireplace

The best and fastest solution for combining a TV with an electric fireplace is to acquire a specially designed fireplace with a slot to house a pop-up TV screen. Once you have acquired this purpose-built fireplace, you can choose a TV lift of the fitting size and stroke, and integrate it according to the installation manual of the model you bought.

ActuatorZone TV Lifts

ActuatorZone produces all kinds of motorized TV lifts that leverage electricity to move a TV set up or down, depending on your requirements. Our lifts consist of a sturdy metal frame able to carry a TV screen of most sizes (up to 95’’) and weights (up to 150lbs), which the lifting unit slides up and down. Despite their hefty structure, they are slim, easily adjustable, and can be mounted within a short period of time. What we especially focus on in our products is their safety. Our TV lifts have no exposed tracks, cables, or any other gear that can raise security issues. The 18-month warranty is also an added bonus, demonstrating our trust in our own products. We offer 5 models of TV lifts that can cater to the demands of the most fastidious users.

Drop Down TV Lift

Drop Down TV Lifts

Three models (TY-05-30, TY-05-40, TY-05-50) are meant for positioning a TV above your head to let it drop down from the ceiling when you have a mind to watch it.

Pop-Up TV Lifts

Our two other models are a perfect fit for a TV integrated into a fireplace. They both have the ability to carry TV’s of any size between 32” and 60”. What is their key difference? They are designed to fit various sized applications. While the TY-01 model will suit bigger fireplaces in larger rooms, TY-01-25 is more compact so that it can be utilized in space-strapped environments where the fireplace is smaller. 

RV with a TV lift


RV TV Lifts with Fireplaces

Today, many people value quick mobility and road-tripping in cost-effective and convenient ways. An RV is the ideal solution for this, allowing users to pack and leave in their mobile home whenever they please. However, many of us are not willing to compromise comfort and abandon amenities that we consider essential. For such people, an RV is a perfect solution to fulfill both travel and comfort in once place.

In such motorhomes, space limitations are even more prevalent than in a regular room. Therefore, if you dream of an RV fireplace with a TV lift, this will be a convenient addition to your RV. As discussed already in this article, this fireplace will have to be electric to be compatible with a TV and TV lift. Modern electric fireplaces come in many sizes and can warm up to 400 square feet of space. They are plugged into a standard 110-volt line and are child and pet friendly as their surface remains cool.


By equipping your electric fireplace with a TV cabinet, it allows you to keep both elements as the room’s focal point, utilize both simultaneously and save space if required! For more information or if you would like to speak with our experienced engineers about your application, contact us.

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Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer