How to Build an Adjustable Gaming Desk
How to Build an Adjustable Gaming Desk

How to Build an Adjustable Gaming Desk

Video games have become a large part of modern culture. Starting in the early 1980s, they have now evolved well past being just a hobby. On average, young people throughout the world spend 6-7 hours per week playing video games. Yet it is not only a pastime as professional gaming offers surprisingly high earnings from E-Sports tournaments. There’s even talk regarding video gaming becoming a medal-winning event at the Olympics within the next decade.

With video games evolving into a profession rather than a recreational activity, it’s no wonder players are looking for ways to become more efficient. Having appliances like an automatic adjustable gaming desk is one commonly overlooked way of achieving that goal.

What’s so good about the gaming desks anyway?

A standing table is not a new invention by any means. Standing desks have been around since the Renaissance, and recent health and lifestyle trends have further popularized them.  Also, there are many more activities that hugely benefit from standing at a desk or workstation. Artists, designers, architects, and, yes, gamers all deliver better results when performing certain tasks while standing.

Naturally, as the lives of modern people revolve around computers, it makes sense to build adjustable PC desks. With modern technology, we can now afford to build electric-powered standing PC desks that change height at the single press of a button. For gamers, motorized workstations are priceless as they allow you to change from a standing to a sitting position to relax your muscles while staying in the game - and we all know no distractions often means winning.

How to Build an Adjustable Gaming Desk   

Here’s an example you can relate to. You’ve been sitting at your desk for a while, and now there’s this subtle yet nagging feeling of pain in the back of your neck. Why? Maybe it’s something really simple like the desk height is not right for you. Well, you can forget about it with a standing gaming desk. It can be easily programmed for your specific height. No more sore back and feet - just push a button on your automatic height adjustable desk to change the position while keeping up with the game. No need to disappoint your crew or lose precious time and points. Moreover, if you’re feeling generous, you can let other people work and play at your motorized desk without losing preprogrammed positions. It’s a win-win scenario.

Gaming desk setup: What you need to build it?

So owning a motorized gaming stand-up desk sounds great. Of course, you can easily buy an adjustable height gaming desk, with installation and all that. However, such appliances may be rather costly, and building an affordable gaming desk yourself will not only save you some money but also provide a fun activity.

The design of an adjustable gaming table is simple yet elegant. You’ll need a desktop, preferably with a surface made from smooth materials that facilitate gaming mouse tracking. Next, an essential part of an automated desk is a frame with a mechanism that motorizes the change of height. These mechanisms are known as electric linear actuators, which uses electric energy and transforms it into linear motion.

Gaming desk setup

Start building your gaming desk by screwing the desktop to the frame. Then, you will require a battery, wiring and a control box to power and program your preferred positions. Control boxes usually come with detailed instructions about installation and programming. Make sure you don’t lose any wires: everything should be connected to the battery to work.

Building your computer into the motorized adjustable desk is another step toward perfection. Modern smart decisions offer cable management for height adjustable desks to achieve the best gaming experience. You can also store essential gear and other tools under the desktop in specialized trays to keep your ultimate gaming desk clutter-free at all times.

The best part about DIY gaming desks is that you can customize it to your heart’s content. You can add additional trays to keep small tools, reimagine the way to manage cables in accordance with your room’s design, etc. If you don’t have time or desire to build the workstation, you can also order a few changes to your automated gaming table as most standing desk manufacturers offer custom-made solutions.

An electric height adjustable standing desk is not just the best gaming desk but a true game-changer for professional players. People often dream of living in a future full of robots, so it’s easy to forget that those smart things are already all around us. Why not seize this opportunity, stretch your back, and elevate your game with an awesome gaming desk?

Jake Hewer

AZ Engineer