End of Bed TV Lift Cabinets
End of Bed TV Lift Cabinets

End of Bed TV Lift Cabinets

What association comes first to your mind when you hear the word “automation”? If it is a huge factory where robotic arms tirelessly perform repetitive tasks then you are way behind the world. Today, automation has crossed the threshold of our homes to make them more comfortable places to live in. Automated mechanisms adjust the height of our desks, slide up spice racks from their hideout, and even open windows or louvers which are out of your reach. However, no other home appliance is subject to more automation upgrades than the TV set.

With all the portable visual devices rapidly gaining ubiquity, television still remains an entertainment and information staple hard to imagine a modern home without. Moreover, TV sets start to leave their traditional living room domicile and park all over the apartment. Yet, as often as not these invading species find that there is not much space for them in their new habitats. How can they strike root in contemporary cramped lodgings? Their owners have come up with a solution to hide them under a kitchen counter or behind a fireplace from where an automatic TV lift will lug them out whenever you wish.

A Motorized TV Lift

It is an automated mechanical system that leverages electricity to hide a TV set moving it up, down or sideways. Manufacturers of these systems display a great variety of models, yet a typical electric TV lift consists of a hefty metal frame and a TV lift mechanism. The latter includes a lift unit (a steady carcass along which the frame moves up and down) and a power supply. Since it is what actually allows the movement of the lift, the power supply is the key element of the whole structure. Most motorized TV lifts utilize linear actuators to provide smooth and quiet motion of the device.

The most common shelters that can house TV sets are ceilings, walls, and furniture. The latter includes both TV lift cabinets specifically made to accommodate a TV and regular furniture articles tailored to function as such containers. Both options can be considered if you want to find a residence for your TV in the bedroom.

Bedroom Ideas for TV Lifts

Usually, hidden TV bedroom furniture is described as beds with TV in footboard or end of bed TV lift cabinets. What is the difference? The former feature a bed frame with TV lift, i.e. the very bed accommodates a TV lift hidden in the original footboard. End of bed TV cabinets are separate pieces of furniture placed close to the foot of the bed that can be removed at will to be stationed elsewhere.

TV lifts for bedrooms

Unlike a whole bed, an end of bed cabinet can be quite easily made by a knacky person using the necessary materials and tools.

How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet

Making things with our own hands will let you rekindle the creative feeling which is slowly being forgotten in the automated world of today. In the case of a TV lift cabinet, DIY approach is quite feasible since it involves some elementary woodwork skills and requires a basic set of tools, a such as a jigsaw (or a band saw), a drill with bits, a right angle square, a box cutter, a measuring tape, a nail gun, and naturally a hammer and a screwdriver with a fair supply of nails, screws, nuts, and bolts. The list of necessary materials is not extensive either. It includes up to 50 feet of wood panel moldings, a couple of plywood sheets (unless you already have a ready-made TV lift cabinet), a piano hinge, and a bottle of wood glue.
The process of making a DIY TV lift starts with producing a TV lift cabinet. And if it is an end of bed TV lift you should measure your bed’s width first since the end of bed TV cabinet must fit the bed size to a tee. Gauging the size of the TV that is going to rest in the box is also a must since the end of bed TV lift cabinets for flat screens are meant to house only this type of TV set. And it is also recommended to consider the end of bed TV lift cabinet design choosing the one that will match your bedroom furniture style. With that done move on to manufacturing the DIY TV lift cabinet.

  • Step 1 involves building the carcass of the cabinet. You should cut the plywood sheets in accordance with the previously taken measurement.
Building the carcass of the cabinet


  • At step 2 you assemble your motorized TV lift cabinet by screwing plywood sheets together and gluing moldings onto them (if the design of the end of bed TV stand contains them).
TV lift system mounting


  • Step 3 necessitates making a lid in the top of the end of the bed pop up TV cabinet that will open when the TV is raised and close on it when it is down. The opening process is ensured by the piano hinge screwed to the lid and the carcass.
  • At step 4 you secure the TV lift to the back and the bottom of the cabinet. Usually, a TV lift kit contains brackets to attach it.
    It is recommended to acquire a TV lift after you have bought your TV to make sure the TV set is compatible with it. Most TV manufacturers furnish their appliances with Vesa standard mounting brackets, but inquiring whether your TV is in compliance with those standards is an expedient move to take in order to avoid further complications.
  • Step 5 is mounting the TV onto the brackets. Make sure both the TV and the TV cabinet lift work by plugging them into the socket.
  • Since it is a hidden TV cabinet with doors at step 6 you make these doors. After the doors are ready you should mount them on hinges and make the latter secure to the sides of the cabinet.
Photo of Hidden TV at room


In case you want a more sophisticated door design you can opt for retractable cabinet doors.

  • Step 7 involves putting finishing touches upon the whole structure, i.e. polishing the surfaces with sandpaper, painting, and the like.
Photo of a woman sitting under an adjustable table


Do you wish to have access to your favorite entertainment shows and sports events even in your bedroom but don't want the TV to become the focal point in your sanctuary of repose? Then a foot of bed TV lift is a compromise that will allow you to enjoy your pastime staples and preserve the uniformity of the bedroom design at the same time.

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