Actuators for Hospital Beds
Actuators for Hospital Beds

Actuators for Hospital Beds

A modern hospital bed is a bed with a special orthopedic design, tailored for optimal placement of bedridden patients in the postoperative period, as well as seriously ill and immobilized patients. Modern healthcare establishments simply cannot do without versatile bed models. But did you know that you can build electric hospital beds for the home with your own hands? You just need some basic parts, actuators, and a bit of effort. We’ll show the rest.

Make a Hospital Bed - Basic Components

For starters, you need to get the essential parts of a hospital bed, which can be bought at various medical appliance stores.

The first thing you need to create a medical bed is a bed frame with wheels. Such frames also come with side rails that prevent an accidental fall of an ill person. The type of mattress you should put in it usually consists of four versatile elements that provide flexibility for the patient’s positioning.

To automate an electric hospital bed for home, using electric linear actuators on your application could help improve adjustability by allowing a patient to adjust the backrest and footboard section of the bed.

The pull-up stand will be the final part of the fully electric hospital bed, making it simple to move the patient from the bed and back.

How to Make a Hospital Bed - Step by Step

  • Mount all the components of your future bed.
  • Mount the linear actuator, which is responsible for changing the positions of mattress sections. Usually, the angle of slope for the knee section of the bed is fixed at 0-35º and at 0-75º for the headboard.
  • Once the actuator is installed, make sure that wires are not pinched by the mattress or any other part of the bed.
  • Test how smoothly the sections run one by one and start using the bed.

What are the Dimensions of a Hospital Bed?

The standard dimensions of portable adjustable beds are 82.68x37.5 inches. The size of the bedding height in an adjustable hospital bed is usually 76.78x37.5 inches while the total bed height -17.72x29.53 inches.

Interior of a hospital room and comfortable hospital bed

Types of Hospital Beds for Home Use

We can point out the following common different types of hospital beds:

  • Mobile & static.
  • Beds with 2, 3, & 4 sections.
  • Beds with screw, comb or electric section adjustment methods.
  • Beds for overweight people.
  • Hospital Beds with extra components, such as rods that fixate hand supports, special medical mattresses (allow you to quickly carry out hygiene procedures & prevent pressure sores), removable backs, a tripod for droppers, side rails, tables, etc.

Note that bed rails for electric adjustable beds are not usually purchased separately, as they should be designed for the weight and dimensions of a particular frame. Therefore, if you want to build a hospital bed with rails single-handedly, you should look for a frame with integrated wheels.

Adjustable Hospital Beds

Modern hospital beds are quite advanced & they are built using high tech, adjustable devices. As for adjustable hospital beds for home, they are usually fewer tech gadgets and are more like ordinary beds (except for the adjustment mechanism).

Hospital Bed Actuators

Linear actuators for motorized hospital beds are practically no different from those used in other industries. They serve for remote control of the patient’s position, which is extremely convenient in cases where you need to adjust the angle of the mattress bend when the patient cannot leave their adjustable medical bed.

The only additional requirement here can be the increased carrying capacity for handling overweight patients. Find out more about the latest use cases for remote comfortable hospital beds. We also recommend visiting the online linear drive store.

Adjustable Beds with Rails

As a rule, an adjustable bed with rail by default has a mobile frame to facilitate the transportation of the patient from one ward to another. For home hospital beds, however, ordinary, completely static frames are also suitable.

Hospital Bed Lifts

In view of the rather complicated design of the medical-surgical bed and the specifics of materials from which it is made (usually, the frame for a medical adjustable bed is metal), their maintenance becomes quite difficult. That’s why you may also need stall bed lifts that smoothly raise and lower the bed frame.

These lifts are usually based on linear actuators. Learn more about actuators and their use in adjustable medical beds in our blog. You can also buy a linear drive for your hospital adjustable bed in the 12V Actuators store.

Photo of a hospital room with two empty beds

Best Bed Frame for Overweight Person

Medical beds for obese people deserve special attention. Typically, metal frames are used to make such electric adjustable hospital beds that can support weights of 260 lbs or more.

A special mattress is also worth buying for such an adjustable hospital bed. The fact is that most models of modern orthopedic mattresses are designed for a standard hospital bed, being able to support the average weight of an adult.

You will have to check with the seller on an ideal mattress to use for a hospital bed and its special features to help improve patients' ergonomics & comfort (for example, special blocks with an increased number of shock-absorbing elements, as well as orthopedic foam of high density).

Hospital Bed Remote Control Replacement

To replace the remote control yourself, make sure to completely disconnect an electric hospital bed from the power supply and only then proceed with dismantling. You may also need the hospital bed lift, which we discussed above.

Choose a highly reliable and durable linear actuator for your remote control medical lift bed, for example, one of these sturdy models. Learn more about linear actuators for medical beds for the elderly. You may also be interested in nuances about standing desks, the design of which also includes linear actuators.


As you can see, constructing an adjustable bed for patients is not impossible. It is important to use a reliable and high-precision linear actuator if you wish to create an electric linear motion. It is an ultimate way to save and make your healthcare-related business more cost-efficient while providing high-quality service. Learn more about smart hospital bed solutions.

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