5 Shelf Ideas for Your Garage
5 Shelf Ideas for Your Garage

5 Shelf Ideas for Your Garage

What do you think of when you hear the word ergonomics? The odds are that it is a tidy, uncluttered workspace where all items you need for efficient work have their designated places for your convenience and easy reach. However, ergonomics isn’t only about offices and workspaces.
People have started to realize the importance of optimization any environment that would see a serious benefit to proper organization and overall layout.

Increasing productivity, organization and staying safe are all major requirements for garage environments. Engineers have channeled their efforts into mechanisms and technologies that will aid with these goals – from windows and dental chairs and the topic of this article: garages. Shelving units are a major factor in all three of the mentioned requirements and can completely revamp the look and functionality of a garage. Keep reading to find out our five shelf ideas for this space!

Garage Ergonomics Scrutinized

The word mess is an accurate description for many garages. There can be a huge variety of items stored here that are not kept in the house – tools, gas cans, gardening utensils, lawnmowers, bikes, cleaning supplies, kids’ toys, and so on. All these items can either be thrown around you garage in an organized mess, neatly placed away in boxes that still clutter your space, or alternatively, organized on shelves that are conveniently kept out of the way.

Our motorized shelf lift gives you that extra bit of storage, bringing your items to you with the click of a button!

Clutter around us hinders mental concentration, discourages our attempts to get the work done, and even causes stress. It can also be a safety hazard, particularly with small children nearby. Moreover, it may cause unwanted visitors such as rodents and insects. Getting a garage wall shelf is a great solution, while remaining cost-effective. Modern garage shelf ideas may surprise you with their creative approach to storing things, their stylish look, and high-tech capabilities.

Getting a garage wall shelf


Garage Storage Shelf Ideas

The main thing to remember about shelf ideas for your garage is that there is no universal rule of thumb on what to pick. You should always consider the available opportunities your premises provide, your requirements, and personal taste.

1.    Simple Wooden Shelving

If you like to take a “the simpler the better’ approach, this model will suit you to a tee. These shelves are attached the way in long straight planks with no built in compartments or additions. Traditionally, these shelves are made of wood, the choice of which depends on how refined you want your finished structure to be. The range of materials varies from cheap plywood or scrap wood, to more high-quality finished wood and timber. To be able to carry significant weight, it should be rather thick and properly secured. If you need your garage furniture to be slightly more durable, a metal garage shelf with the same style may suit better.

Simple Wooden Shelving


2.    Overhead Storage Compartments

This type of shelving is a great space saver for garages with sufficient height and with no barriers that may obstruct it. This type of shelving will have to be tightly secured and lighter than other versions, with a sturdy bracing solution. Implementation of this idea may take more calculations and preliminary research since you must know where the construction joists are located, and how much clearance you should allow for the shelves not to interfere with the functionality of the garage. This shelf scheme can be supplemented with pegs, rails, and specialized racks for bikes or skis.

3.    Vertical Shelving

Depending on your free space and the requirements of your shelf, a vertical solution may be your best method of tidying up your garage. These can be as compact as you would like, with rows of horizontal shelves encased within the vertical structure. If you are making a DIY design, wooden structures may be the best method. Otherwise, you can get these in a number of different materials with various layouts to suit your needs.

Vertical shelving


4.    Off the Floor Cabinets

Off the floor cabinets are both convenient and space-saving. Their size is determined by the free space you have, while considering what exactly is going into them to ensure they can handle the load. Privacy is also an added benefit to off-floor cabinets, allowing you to install doors and hide your items, keeping your garage clutter free both literally and visually.

5.    A Motorized Garage Storage Shelf

A motorized garage shelf can be fixed to the wall and allows you to adjust its height. Powered by linear actuators, this structure can be moved up to keep your belongings from getting into your way and brought down with a press of the button on remote control. This keeps the shelf truly out of your way while avoiding the need for a ladder! It can lift up to 165lbs, which makes the shelf an excellent choice for the space-strapped area of a garage, basement, shed, and other maintenance premises.

A motorized garage shelf


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Today’s garages can easily become cluttered, and many space-saving organizers often just add to this clutter. However, by implementing a shelving system that suits your needs, it will keep your stuff to one side, available for whenever you need it! ActuatorZone’s motorized shelf lift is a great solution that not only houses your items, it also can be raised further out of your way and brought back down to you again, with the simple click of a button!

If you would like more shelving ideas or have a question about any of the ones we have mentioned, please feel free to contact us and we would be delighted to help!

Anna Sapiga

AZ Engineer