You get home from work one day and think to yourself, “I’m way too tired to cook??? but take out can be so expensive, especially for just one person. You have to pay delivery fees and meals are usually upwards of $10 a dish. Then you remember  you have a few frozen dinners in the freezer and all they need is a good few minutes in the microwave, but now you’re already sitting down, feet up and have no intention of walking to the kitchen. Well, thanks to the help of actuators and automated linear systems, and more than a few minds from the Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute (CMU), HERB the robot can get your meal and microwave it too. Using kinetic sensors, it is able to determine whether its arms are capable of handling objects such as food and over 100 other household items.

When it comes to dessert, HERB is also sufficient at twisting apart OREO cookies so you can avoid the cookie and get right to the good stuff. You know, after a few attempts with a hammer.

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