Microcontrollers and their Applications

In recent months you may have noticed we've added a bunch of exciting new products to our inventory, none more so than our selection of microcontrollers and their accessories. These compact devices allow for more control options with our linear actuators, and other technological applications, than you have ever had before. They can combine with our other standard control systems as well to make some truly inventive projects and designs. Any type of advanced motion control is made possible with these controllers such as creating timers, counters or routines for your actuators to extend and retract to. One thing that really separates them from most control systems is that they allow multiple input and output arrangements whereas most control systems are designed with only one input and output.


Our selection of microcontrollers, including Arduino microcontrollers, offer many different input options for controlling your units. You can control them based on sound, motion, temperature, NFC (near field communication) and humidity just to name a few options. To go with our microcontrollers we also have many accessories and attachments including H-bridge shieldsUSB shields, an LCD keypad and lead extensions. We wanted to make sure our customers have everything they need when it comes to their control systems and our wide selection reflects that. We even offer custom programming options for our microcontroller boards, where are highly skilled engineer staff will custom build a control system using all these pieces of technology to make whatever type of motion control you have in mind. We house all this tech in a custom enclosure designed to keep your system safe and secure.


An example of custom motion control using our new technology would be having linear actuators extend based on custom time requirements. This means that you can have the actuators extend to a certain point in their cycle, pause in the middle of its motion cycle, then resume moving again at the specific user inputted time. For example it could start extending, then pause halfway, and after lets say 5 seconds, be able to start moving again. You can do that when its extending or retracting as well. This is just one example of almost endless possibilities that you can take advantage of with these advanced motion controllers.

This is just the beginning of our foray into these advanced motion controllers and we will be updating our inventory later this year with even more exciting new technology. If you'd like to get in touch with one of our engineers and get started on your own custom control system then contact us today. Check out the video below to see an example of the type of project that can be made possible using these advanced motion controls together with our actuators.

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