DIY TV Lift for the Kitchen - Or Anywhere Else You Want

Don't want to shell out big bucks for an installer? Get out your tool belt and install this DIY TV lift.

For those who spend long hours in the kitchen, this DIY TV lift is perfect. This door is controlled with a 12V standard actuator and a control system. While cooking may have once been thought of as a chore, you can make the time fly by as you watch your favorite shows.

This automated system has been installed over a cupboard, so no matter where you are in the kitchen, you have a view. It also saves space, preserving much needed kitchen real estate for the appliances that often take up a home’s cooking spot. A system like this can be installed in any space that meets the requirements of your TV.

Building an television lift in your home is an easy build if you have a bit of knowledge. This system uses a single actuator, attached to a wooden door, created in the same style as the cupboard door below it. The door is made movable by two hinges along the top. The mechanism controls the opening and closing of the door through a control system and a wired or wireless device.

Your only limit with a project like this is your imagination and your space requirements. If you have more room, you can fit a larger TV and even install an automated sound system. For a sleeker design, the door can be built to slide up and down or side to side, hiding it in the wall.

For even more motion control, try using a TV lift that can adjust the TV’s angle for optimal viewing from any position in the kitchen. Progressive Automations carries a wide selection of TV mounts and lifts that are easy to install. View our products page to find a TV lift or mount that works for you.

If you’d like to start a project like this, Progressive Automations carries the necessary actuators, control boxes and wired or wireless remotes that are need for this project. We also have any mounting brackets or additional wires you might need. Visit our products pages to find the actuators and control systems that fit your needs.

When browsing our selection, if you can’t find an actuator that suits your needs, we are able to custom make one for you. Just contact us to discuss what your specific needs are.

Spending time in the kitchen no longer has to be a hassle with a system like this.

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