Some of the most complex tasks in manufacturing had to be done by humans in the past, but with the advance of motion control and sensors, robots are able to take over these jobs. This not only cuts down on valuable time spent but eliminates the need for manual labor where necessary.

New sensor technology allows for robots to do jobs like deburring, polishing, grinding and other undefined processing tasks. This technology is can completely merge with a linear actuator and is easy to operate. Thismanufacturing automation of what were previously manual tasks greatly improves the quality of the machining, along with reducing the amount of programming time. New technology also compensates for the deviation of any work pieces, providing a more accurate solution.

One of the most time consuming processes that can now be automated, thanks to new sensor technology, is the tool changeover. An automated robot that requires a retrofitted 12V linear actuator can take up to around 10 - 30 minutes of a human worker's time. This time can be greatly reduced and even almost eliminated with the help of sensor technology and new motion control automation. What a human could accomplish in 30 minutes, an automated system can complete in a fraction of the time.

In these systems, changeovers commonly make use of a quick-change head on the robot arm and a quick-change adapter on the tool. When the changeover happens, these parts are either manually or mechanically coupled, and the hydraulic or pneumatic actuator connections are re-fitted to perform the necessary task. Electric actuators reduce this time even more, because less time is involved to changeover an electro-mechanical system as opposed to a hydraulic or pneumatic one.

With the constant advance of robot technology and implementation of electric actuators replacing hydraulic and pneumatic actuators in the manufacturing industry, this trend is set to increase over time. When the cost of manual labour can be significantly cut and productivity can be greatly increased, there isn't much convincing involved.

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