• Precision and Why It Matters

    Actuator precision isn't just a start and stop point. Precision affects your costs and your safety, too. Actuators with precision over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. In the past, hydraulic and pneumatic systems were as precise as the industry could get. Now that electric technology is becoming the standard for high-precision... READ ARTICLE »

    The truth is that we understand more about the known universe than we do about the water the covers 70% of this planet. Out in space, we can look with telescopes and see a good deal of what is out there. Underwater, this is impossible. In order to gather information... READ ARTICLE »

    All throughout the year, in all parts of the world, transport trucks brave the elements for long periods. They must trudge through extreme conditions - sometimes for weeks at a time. This constant operation can be hard on the driver, but even harder on the truck. Actuators are used for... READ ARTICLE »

    In the earliest days of humanity, when something needed to be moved it was up to the people to push it where it needed to go. If someone needed a rock moved, the best they could do is use large numbers of people to push it. Eventually, we invented the... READ ARTICLE »
  • How to Hide a TV in the Bedroom - Or Any Other Room

    Tired of having to look at your TV when you're not watching? We'll let you know exactly how to hide a TV with actuators. Having a television in a bedroom can sometimes be a distraction and take away from the layout of the room. This individual has installed an innovative... READ ARTICLE »
  • Small Linear Actuator: Everything You Need to Know

    A small linear actuator is often used in projects and applications where limited space is available. Small linear actuators serve the same purposes as linear actuators do, except they are compact in size. But like their regular counterparts, a mini actuator is designed to convert energy into push-and-pull motions or linear motion... READ ARTICLE »

    A linear actuator is an automation device that produces energy in a straight line by converting the rotational motion of a simple machine such as a screw. The electric linear actuator converts rotational motion into linear motion, typically with a low voltage DC motor. The push and pull movements make it possible... READ ARTICLE »
  • Linear Actuator Applications and Uses | ActuatorZone

    Bet you can't name all the linear actuator applications Actuators are everywhere. They can turn up in the most unexpected places; from inside your cell phone to the Mars Rover. They range in size from something that can fit into the palm of your hand to an automation device you would need... READ ARTICLE »

    Linear actuators are used in all types of furniture making equipment to automate a certain process or function; make working on an assembly line safer; and automate repetitive or even dangerous tasks. Linear actuators move things from point A to point B, up and down, or back and forth. They... READ ARTICLE »

    Almost like a machine within other machines, an actuator is a simple mechanism that moves things: switching something on or off; moving it up and down; pushing and pulling it into a certain place or position. As the name implies, the motion created is typically in a straight line. Whether... READ ARTICLE »

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