Want to trick out your car or truck with some smoothly moving, slick looking trunk or truckbed topper automation? It's easy to do with ActuatorZone, and reasonably priced besides! Both hobbyists and show car professionals love the ease of installation and quality actuator motion they get from our products. Products... READ ARTICLE »
  • Badger Truck Madison University | Our Sponsorship

          The Badger Truck Madison WI, team makes an impact.   If you’re not and the up-and-up of the world of tractor pulling, it is usually referred to as ‘the world’s most powerful motorsport.’  These multi-engine, modified and specially engineered tractors can look intimidating when they’re surrounded by... READ ARTICLE »
  • Actuators in Outer Space

    Actuators are present even out in the far(ish) reaches of space! In the past few years, the United States has rolled back on its roll in manned-spaceflight. Since they’ve done a great job at taking the astronaut out of the spaceship, we expect that actuators and space automation will take on a... READ ARTICLE »
  • The Use of IP Ratings in Actuators

      Asking yourself, 'what is IP rating?' can affect how you use your actuators If you’re working around automation, you might have heard the term IP Rating thrown around. Your first thought might be: Oh. Well, I’m sure the IP rating of the product I have has the IP rating... READ ARTICLE »
  • What Is a Linear Actuator: Force, Speed, Stroke and Voltage

    by Ajay Arora What is a Linear Actuator? The combinations of force, speed, stroke and voltage are nearly endless, giving you options for any application. In the first article, we went over what an actuator is, the components and some of the more common uses. In this article, we will... READ ARTICLE »
  • What's An Actuator: Definitions and Components

    by Ajay Arora What's an actuator?! Don't worry. We've got you covered. A linear actuator is a device that turns rotary motion into linear motion, but if you're new to automation, this explanation might just create more questions than it does answers. Let's start off with a dictionary definition. Linear: adj... READ ARTICLE »
  • Retrofit Wheelchair Enhancement for Vans: The Benefits

    by Ajay Arora   A retrofit wheelchair enhancement can save you from having a buy a wheelchair van.  If you’re confined to a wheelchair for the long-term, you might be thinking about doing a retrofit wheelchair enhancement for a lift instead of buying a van. When it comes to wheelchair... READ ARTICLE »
  • Students of UNC Biomedical and Their Wheelchair Powered Feedback Platform

  • Adjustable Work Tables for Home and Office

    Don't just buy adjustable work tables. Instead retrofit your current table for ergonomic automation. If you're in the market for adjustable work tables, there are many to choose from. It's best if you know what kind of lifting you're planning on doing first. If you already have an idea, then... READ ARTICLE »
  • Quiet Actuators: Using a Decibel Chart to Choose

    Need a quiet actuator? Find out how to read a decibel chart, and you can tell by the specs just how quiet it is. In honor of Alexander Graham Bell, the term ‘decibel’ was named after him. We use the abbreviation dB to shorten the term, and it refers to... READ ARTICLE »

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