• Actuator Definition: Car Manufacturing

      A simple actuator definition for their use in manufacturing Actuators are used in a variety of different ways for automotive automation in industry. Typically, a power source like an electric motor is connected to a simple machine, often a screw. The power source rotates the screw. The bolt or nut attached... READ ARTICLE »

    Actuators make it possible for all kinds of machines, industrial applications, manufacturing automation and technological advances to move, regardless if it's lifting, adjusting, tilting, pushing or pulling. These devices use a power source, such as a motor, to convert the motion of a classic machine, most notably a screw, into energy.They are... READ ARTICLE »
  • Actuators in Robotics

    The rise of robots and actuators in robotics Actuators first made an appearance in robotics in the early 1950s. Then in the late 50s, the first industrial robot was created. Now robots are everywhere, from ones that vacuum your floor to ones that star in movies to those that work... READ ARTICLE »
  • Actuators for Hospital Beds and Other Medical Uses

    Actuators for hospital beds make patients' lives easier and better. In today's modern hospital, it is crucial that all types of machinery and systems in the medical field are safe, precise, reliable and fast. They should also be easy to clean and maintain. Where functionality, comfort and practicality are important... READ ARTICLE »

    You get home from work one day and think to yourself, “I’m way too tired to cook??? but take out can be so expensive, especially for just one person. You have to pay delivery fees and meals are usually upwards of $10 a dish. Then you remember  you have a few... READ ARTICLE »
  • DIY TV Lift for the Kitchen - Or Anywhere Else You Want

    Don't want to shell out big bucks for an installer? Get out your tool belt and install this DIY TV lift. For those who spend long hours in the kitchen, this DIY TV lift is perfect. This door is controlled with a 12V standard actuator and a control system. While cooking... READ ARTICLE »

    Some of the most complex tasks in manufacturing had to be done by humans in the past, but with the advance of motion control and sensors, robots are able to take over these jobs. This not only cuts down on valuable time spent but eliminates the need for manual labor... READ ARTICLE »

    On May 30th, 2013, NASA test launched their robotic prototype known as the 'Mighty Eagle.' Oddly enough, this lander was named after a character in the hugely popular Angry Birds game. The aim of the craft is to assist in search and rescue missions, helping to find plane crashes and... READ ARTICLE »
  • Lifting Systems for Better Performance

    Lifting systems will improve your work life. For those who have jobs that require repeated sitting, standing, lifting and bending over, lifting systems can extend the amount of time you spend at your career. If you are less exhausted by the middle of your shift, it means you will have... READ ARTICLE »
  • Actuators in Aircraft: How Are They Used?

      Actuators in aircraft help create a safe ride for everybody on board. Actuators in aircraft play a vital role for flight and control; often their operation ensures the safety of the aircraft and every passenger on board. You may not have thought about it much, but if you step... READ ARTICLE »

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