• Introducing the Brand New PA-37 Temperature Activated Control Box

    Control your actuators using temperature activation. We have once again created a brand new product to better serve our customer base, and to make sure they are prepared for any actuator situation that comes their way. It is our first and only control box that activates once it reaches a... READ ARTICLE »
  • Scholarship Winner Joshua and His Story

    After his mother was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer, Joshua found his calling. “Science has been my favorite of all subjects, and in my opinion the most useful,??? says Joshua Smith, the award winner for our first annual scholarship program. He knew from a young age that his life... READ ARTICLE »
  • Digital Timer Control of a Linear Actuator

    We will be going over how to use one of our Digital Programmable Timers to control the extension and retraction of a linear actuator with the help of a 12V Relay. Our digital timer allows up to 17 different time schedules to be set, meaning it will make the actuator... READ ARTICLE »
  • Switch to Electric Actuators for Better Performance

    Spend More Time Operating Better performance in your actuator system can ripple out and have an effect on your entire operation. Especially if you’re using hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Make the change and give your operation the advantage over your competitors. Cut down on your costs and get more efficient... READ ARTICLE »
  • The Automated Mic Project

    Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Build Your Own Automated Microphone   Step 1: The Parts Here’s a list of all the part you’ll need for this project: Boom Microphone Stand Control Box (PA-30) with Remote Mini Linear Actuator (PA-14) Mounting Brackets and Hardware Galvanized Strapping Screws and Bolts Step 2... READ ARTICLE »
  • How to Connect a Rocker Switch to a Linear Actuator

        Check out our step-by-step guide on connecting a rocker switch to a linear actuator.     Connecting a rocker switch to a linear actuator is a quick and easy process. We’ve compiled a video guide as well as a written guide to take you through the process. VIDEO... READ ARTICLE »
  • How To Connect an Actuator to a Control Box

      How to Connect An Actuator In a Few Quick and Easy Steps   Connecting a linear actuator to a control is a simple, easy process. Some of the actuators at Progressive have 4-pin connectors, so it’s simply a matter of plugging everything in and going on your way. But... READ ARTICLE »
  • Engineering Statistics That’ll Blow Your Mind

      Engineering itself can blow your mind with the amazing feats that some people accomplish.  I mean really mind-blowing feats. Some people build useful things, like the world’s largest bridges – like in this post here. Other’s build less “useful??? things like these motorized ducks. I have no idea what... READ ARTICLE »

    Become a part of our community and reap the rewards OUR NEXT NEWSLETTER IS ABOUT TO LAUNCH We just sent out our latest newsletter, and that means we're giving out the best tips in the business. Benefits: Subscriber-only discounts! Tips you won't find anywhere else! You'll be the first to... READ ARTICLE »
  • Engineering Apps | The New Wi-Fi Actuator App

    The next generation of engineering apps is the Wi-Fi Actuator App.   ___ Control your actuators through a single device of your choice (up to 4). IPhone and Android compatibility.* Record your presets once and forget about them. Stop paying for - and waiting for - expensive add-ons and accessories... READ ARTICLE »

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