• Pulse Width Modulation vs Variable Voltage Control

    When controlling the speed of a DC motor, like the ones found in our electric linear actuators, it is possible to use both Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Analog Voltage Control however there are large benefits to one (PWM) over the other (Analog Voltage). When varying the voltage of a DC motor... READ ARTICLE »
  • Monitoring Actuator Current with an LCD Screen

    In this blog post we will be learning how to monitor the current of a linear actuator using an LCD screen. Using an LCD screen is a great option because it lets you see just how much current the actuator is using and also lets you adjust the current limits as needed... READ ARTICLE »
  • Position Control of a Linear Electric Actuator w/ Analog Sensor

    In today's post we will be going over how to control the position of a linear electric actuator by utilizing an analog sensor, in this case a potentiometer. For this example we'll be using one of our PA-14P electric actuators,  an Arduino Uno, a MegaMoto motor controller, a separate potentiometer... READ ARTICLE »
  • Wiring Rocker Switches with Linear Actuators

    Wiring together parts can sometimes be a difficult procedure if you don’t have experience with it so we’ve decided show you how. In this case we will show the steps needed in order to wire together some of our rocker switches with our linear actuators. The rocker switches we will... READ ARTICLE »
  • Microcontrollers and their Applications

    In recent months you may have noticed we've added a bunch of exciting new products to our inventory, none more so than our selection of microcontrollers and their accessories. These compact devices allow for more control options with our linear actuators, and other technological applications, than you have ever had before. They can combine... READ ARTICLE »
  • Outdoor Automation Opportunities

    The spring season is in full effect with summer getting closer by the day and that means time to head outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Now you may think that linear actuators are designed for only inside jobs away from potentially harsh weather and outdoor climate, but you would... READ ARTICLE »
  • Robotic Automation

    Linear actuators and robotics are becoming more prevalent than ever  With technology constantly improving and upgrading nowadays, the robotics industry has started to become more and more popular. Technology has never been more advanced than it is now and shows no signs of slowing down and same could be said... READ ARTICLE »
  • Introducing the Brand New PA-37 Temperature Activated Control Box

    Control your actuators using temperature activation. We have once again created a brand new product to better serve our customer base, and to make sure they are prepared for any actuator situation that comes their way. It is our first and only control box that activates once it reaches a... READ ARTICLE »
  • Scholarship Winner Joshua and His Story

    After his mother was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer, Joshua found his calling. “Science has been my favorite of all subjects, and in my opinion the most useful,??? says Joshua Smith, the award winner for our first annual scholarship program. He knew from a young age that his life... READ ARTICLE »
  • Digital Timer Control of a Linear Actuator

    We will be going over how to use one of our Digital Programmable Timers to control the extension and retraction of a linear actuator with the help of a 12V Relay. Our digital timer allows up to 17 different time schedules to be set, meaning it will make the actuator... READ ARTICLE »

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