• Open Doors The Automated Way - Using Linear Actuators

    Imagine having a door that you don’t have to touch to open. At first, it might sound strange, but you’ve definitely seen this mechanism in action already, for example, in garage doors, many of which use 12v linear actuators. What Is a 12v Linear Actuator? A linear actuator provides thrust... READ ARTICLE »
  • How to Create the Perfect Geek Cave Using Linear Actuators

    When hearing about "geek caves," most of us imagine huge modern houses filled with new & innovative devices, which cost a fortune. Many people believe that this luxury is not for everyone. It's time to break this stereotype. Today, several easy-to-apply systems allow you to build a "smart home" with... READ ARTICLE »
  • Solar Tracking with the help of Electric Linear Actuators

    As time goes by and technology continues to evolve, solar energy proves to be among the best alternatives to mineral fuels. Solar panels have become so cheap and easy to install that they can easily be implemented by any consumer, from a single household to whole industries. Unfortunately, with the... READ ARTICLE »
  • Progressive Automations at Automate 2019

    The world of automation has entered into a stage where highly advanced robotic tools are used to streamline, expedite, and improve manufacturing processes to an unprecedented level. Last week our talented team at Progressive Automations exhibited our innovative linear motion products at the Automate and Promat show in the vibrant... READ ARTICLE »
  • How to Wire Up A Linear Actuator

    Once you have decided to upgrade your device or mechanism with a linear actuator, another challenge appears. It is not about choosing or buying a powerful actuator. Nowadays, there are several stores and manufacturers that offer a variety of actuator products. The big challenge some of our customers face is... READ ARTICLE »
  • DIY Scissor Lift Table Using Actuators

    Scissor lift platforms belong to the oldest types of lifting equipment. Modern platforms are widely used in different fields for lifting heavy cargo at different heights and transporting goods. You can use them not only in big warehouses but also at home when you need to work with heavy items... READ ARTICLE »
  • How To Build a DIY Table Lift for Motorcycle

    Do you work on your motorcycle from time to time and get just tired from the constant back pain you get after repairing it? You don't have to get under the bike in those weird positions at all - instead, you can use a device that you can make at home.

    In this article, we will describe how to make a motorcycle table lift. Spoiler alert: it’s not that complicated. Continue reading READ ARTICLE »

  • Best Actuators For Lifting Equipment

    Linear actuators play one of the key roles in many industries as well as the whole technological world. Most of the time you will not even be aware that they are a part of  automation solutions, but if it involves machinery, the linear actuator is almost always one of the components of a variety of machines.

    Those small but useful tools can easily automate dozens of routine actions and lifting is no exception. So let’s talk about actuators and discuss what they mean for lifting equipment. Continue reading READ ARTICLE »

  • Actuators for Robots in Various Facilities

    Some experts believe that robots have started the fourth industrial revolution. It’s hard to disagree as robotics now have dozens of uses in various facilities around the world, such as medical, educational, and construction.

    To help make a robot move, specialists use the power of linear actuators. We’ve decided to focus our attention on the use of actuators for robots in various industries this time. If you’re interested in robotics innovations and the opportunities they bring us, take a look at our examples below. Continue reading READ ARTICLE »

  • Linear Actuators for Motion Platforms

    The modern technological age gives us much more possibilities than we could imagine just a couple decades ago. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality into our lives has changed the perception of the world. You no longer need to travel long distances to visit a concert or a certain tourist attraction, as the companies have virtual tours for these places. You can enjoy those at home, sitting comfortably on your couch. There is no necessity for building high-cost and time-consuming prototypes of various machines. The motion platforms help to make the process easier, faster, and cheaper. And, linear actuators for a motion simulator just add to this simplicity, giving a user many possibilities. Continue reading READ ARTICLE »

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