• Single Acting Vs Double Acting Actuator

    Double-acting actuator and single-acting actuator: principles of work, differences, application fields. Spring return actuator as a kind of single-acting actuator. Single Acting vs. Double Acting Actuators: Working Principles, Differences and Application Fields What Is Pneumatics and How does It Work In pneumatic systems, the air is used to produce linear... READ ARTICLE »
  • Application of Mini Track Linear Actuator

    Humans are lazy and that is why most scientific and technological inventions are aimed at sparing them as much effort as possible. It is especially noticeable in the fields which are traditionally abounded in manual labor. As a result, industrial automated mechanisms are increasingly replacing people in environments where continuous... READ ARTICLE »
  • End of Bed TV Lift Cabinets

    What association comes first to your mind when you hear the word “automation”? If it is a huge factory where robotic arms tirelessly perform repetitive tasks then you are way behind the world. Today, automation has crossed the threshold of our homes to make them more comfortable places to live... READ ARTICLE »
  • How to Build an Adjustable Gaming Desk  

    Video games have become a large part of modern culture. Starting in the early 1980s, they have now evolved well past being just a hobby. On average, young people throughout the world spend 6-7 hours per week playing video games. Yet it is not only a pastime as professional gaming... READ ARTICLE »
  • Automated Pop-up Kitchen Spice Rack

    Having its roots in the Middle Ages automation started gathering significant momentum in the 1950s. Back then it was predominantly an industrial issue with robots performing repetitive tasks at assembly lines. Since that time automating technologies have expanded their sphere of application pervading all places where humans feel the need... READ ARTICLE »
  • Motorized Ceiling Drop-Down TV Mount

    Nowadays, ordinary TV tables and simple cabinets are gradually losing their popularity. Convenient and functional motorized ceiling drop-down TV mount for monitors allows customers to distribute free space in their houses optimally. This automation technology is pretty applicable to the creation of cozy modern interiors for highly-technological apartments. What does... READ ARTICLE »
  • Linear Actuator Boat Steering

    What is a Boat Steering Actuator? Linear boat steering actuator often is not included in the main set of small boats. However, finding this unit will not be hard, given the mass of online stores and official websites with catalogs of world actuators manufacturers that offer hydraulic jacks of various... READ ARTICLE »
  • Linear Actuator Position Control Using Sensors

    Positioning sensors are devices that create a useful measurement signal based on a monitored physical process. Most often, this process is the linear movement of the actuator. This means that the sensor monitors the position of the movable element - the rod or carriage. The linear movement sensor can continuously... READ ARTICLE »
  • How to Build a Desk with a Hidden Monitor Lift

    Have you ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation when your friends (or worse – your parents) come blundering in and spot you browsing through some sites of dubious nature? No one would like that, same as no one would want unauthorized people to read his/her secret emails or get... READ ARTICLE »
  • Linear Actuator for Raspberry Pi

    What is Raspberry Pi? The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer, credit card-sized, developed in the UK for use in teaching basic computer knowledge. Principle of Operation, How is it Used? Of course, the Raspberry Pi is a full-featured computer. It has all the attributes of a real computer: dedicated... READ ARTICLE »

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