On May 30th, 2013, NASA test launched their robotic prototype known as the 'Mighty Eagle.' Oddly enough, this lander was named after a character in the hugely popular Angry Birds game. The aim of the craft is to assist in search and rescue missions, helping to find plane crashes and... READ ARTICLE »
  • Lifting Systems for Better Performance

    Lifting systems will improve your work life. For those who have jobs that require repeated sitting, standing, lifting and bending over, lifting systems can extend the amount of time you spend at your career. If you are less exhausted by the middle of your shift, it means you will have... READ ARTICLE »
  • Actuators in Aircraft: How Are They Used?

      Actuators in aircraft help create a safe ride for everybody on board. Actuators in aircraft play a vital role for flight and control; often their operation ensures the safety of the aircraft and every passenger on board. You may not have thought about it much, but if you step... READ ARTICLE »

    In 2011, McLaren Automotive unveiled the most sophisticated, fastest car in human history: the McLaren MP4-12C. This impressive piece of machinery boasts a 3.8-litre, V8, twin-turbo engine with about 616 bhp an and 443 lbs/sq ft. of torque. In 2013, the McLaren tore apart the lap record at Highlands Motorsport... READ ARTICLE »
  • Do I Need A Wired or Wireless Remote for My Automation Project?

    Is wireless the best option for your automation project? If you’re considering an automation project, do you know whether you’ll need a wired or wireless remote? There are few considerations that may affect your decision. What’s Your Function? You can help determine whether you should get a wired of wireless remote... READ ARTICLE »

    Recently, we published an article detailing an automated tractor designed to perform weeding tasks for farmers. On June 5th, 2013, another tractor was added to the list of automated farming machinery - a seeder. The problem with conventional tractors is they are large, expensive and require an operator to be... READ ARTICLE »
  • Linear Actuators for Robotics

    Which linear actuators for robotics will best suit your robot?   Robots come in all shapes and sizes. If you look hard enough you can find robots smaller than your fingernail or large enough to demolish a building. Because of the massive range of robot sizes, robotic linear actuators come... READ ARTICLE »

    Get scary this holiday with these Halloween automation ideas. Controlling your lights, water heater and other essential home functions are just a few parts of home automation. Don't forget about having a little bit of fun with Halloween automation this year. With just a few products from Progressive Automations, you... READ ARTICLE »
  • Your Actuator System and LEAN Manufacturing

      Is Your Actuator System LEAN and Mean? In the 80s, the trend of times was excess. There weren't many manufacturer's thinking about making their actuator system as efficient as possible. They mostly just churned as fast as they could. Fast-forward a few decades and the trends have shifted to... READ ARTICLE »
  • Interview with SparkFun's Toni Klopfenstein: A Home Automation Guide for Beginners

    We asked Toni Klopfenstein from SparkFun about home automation, how to get started and which questions to ask. Read through our home automation guide to get your answers.   We’re in it. Full-tilt. Home automation is taking off in ways we couldn’t ever have imagined. Sometimes it whizzes past us... READ ARTICLE »

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