Boat Actuators: Ideas for Boat Automation

A boat actuator can do a lot of things. Namely - anything you want it to.

Whether you are building a boat, you own one or you just enjoy being around them, many of the features that make it such a pleasurable experience are due to the flexibility and versatility of  marine automation. Out on the water or in the marina entertaining guests, things just have to work - and boat actuators can make that happen. And because water is involved, all systems and pieces of equipment should be durable, dependable and resistant to wind, salt water and sun.

The functionality of different systems and marine equipment are greatly enhanced by automation. In the cockpit, a boat actuator can be used to lower and raise a table, extend and retract map displays, and fold monitors back and forth. They have are effective ways to adjust the helm or engine throttle, shift antennas, regulate valves and lift hatch covers, including engine covers, up and down. On the outside, they can also be found in retractable ladders, collapsible masts and doors. Radar masts can be lowered for maintenance or to avoid overhead obstacles using automation.

Inside cabins, boat actuators add to the comfort and luxury of your boat by adjusting chair and table heights; the position of a flat screen TV; hiding cabinets or shelving when not in use. A TV lift inside a cabinet is another popular use for them. They can even be used to customize a bed, making it adjustable, allowing the person using it to personalize it to his or her comfort level. To allow air into a cabin without getting up (or on a timer), these devices can make it possible.

Bench seating and other types of outdoor seating commonly found on a boat or yacht deck can be adjusted or converted to a lower position better suited for lounging or sunbathing with the assistance of some type of boat actuator. Marine and boating applications require durability, flexibility, and most of all, portability. Boat automation an ideal solution to most of these concerns, and make a great way to personalize your vessel, be it an outboard or a yacht.

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