Many types of businesses within the hospitality industry daily use machines and pieces of industrial equipment that have actuators as part of their many components. They automate repetitive tasks; streamline a particular process; or make an experience like having a meal in a restaurant or going to the spa more enjoyable. No matter what the project or chore is at hand, in many instances, they can help people work smarter and faster.

Any job or task that requires a machine to lift, adjust, reposition or switch on and off, will likely use some kind of actuator. In restaurant kitchens, sections of counters or worktables that include pop-up tables; racks for spices, implements and knives that extend or retract; or storage containers and food bins that can hidden from view, utilize one or more. Blenders, ice cream machines and a variety of mixing machines also use them to make their operations more functional, and allow them to be controlled with minimum effort.

In a bar or the bar of a restaurant, a hidden glass rack capable of retracting and extending uses an actuator. A sliding roof for an atrium or enclosed patio make the most of nice weather while being protected for cooler temperatures in the evening. These kinds of design features add to the establishment's ambiance and can keep customers coming back.

In other types of industrial food environments like hotel or catering kitchens, a linear motor can tilt a pot, kettle or pan; reposition the hood over a cooking range; and adjust the height of the cooking range or other appliances like the dishwasher. They help adjust counters in restaurants or hotel laundry rooms to the appropriate height. The massage tables found in spas and the different types of tables used when applying beauty products in salons incorporate these devices to make them adjustable and therefore more comfortable.

From tables to chairs to TV consoles to bar accessories, any type of furniture used in hotels, restaurants and spas that is movable in some form of straight line such as up and down, side to side or back and forth, will utilize automation and motion control for improved performance.

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