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The spring season is in full effect with summer getting closer by the day and that means time to head outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Now you may think that linear actuators are designed for only inside jobs away from potentially harsh weather and outdoor climate, but you would be wrong. In fact electric actuators have many different functions that can be applied for outdoor use, once again proving just how durable and diverse they really are. They can be used not only for helping you complete outdoor chores but can also help you sit back and relax the sun after all that work.

One example of them helping with your chores is their implementation into a lawn mower, specifically one of the more modern sit down models. Actuators can be installed into these lawnmowers to help automate processes that would otherwise have to be done manually such as opening and closing the engine hatch or re-positioning the steering wheel depending on who is using it. Automating the cutter blades is another option, giving you the ability to adjust the heights and position of the blades without getting off the mower and manually adjusting them. This example not only speeds up the process but also saves you from potentially hurting yourself when trying to modify the sharp blades. From this example it’s fairly plain to see that pretty much any form outdoor machinery can be automated for improving productiveness.

Riding lawnmower

Another reason why you should turn to electric linear actuators for all your outdoor needs is because they not only make the jobs easier, but make the machines doing them more effective and reliable. In the past, and even still today, most outdoor machinery is powered by hydraulic systems. Now hydraulic systems may have their benefits but when compared with an electric actuator it is really a no-brainer as to which system is better. Hydraulic systems require much more maintenance and energy in order to function properly than actuators do. They also come with a risk of oil leaks and take up more space with all those pumps, filters and tanks used to hold that oil. As if that wasn't enough the actuator system comes at a much cheaper price as well.

Now that we've covered how they help with outdoor work, let’s go over some examples how they can help you relax outside. One is installing or automating and already installed awning over your backyard/deck. Instead of climbing a ladder opening it manually you can install some actuators so the awning can extend and retract at the press of a button. To further your relaxation experience, why not automate your outdoor dining furniture as well. If you want to really make it something special you can even install the table to extend and retract from the deck itself like this example provided by Dr. Decks, one of our many happy customers.

If this post has sparked your interest in automating your backyard, or you’d just like to take a look at what we have in stock be sure to take a look at our great selection of linear actuators. If you’d like to get in touch to order or learn more about our products give us a call today, we’d be happy to help.

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