How to Hide a TV in the Bedroom - Or Any Other Room

Tired of having to look at your TV when you're not watching? We'll let you know exactly how to hide a TV with actuators.

Having a television in a bedroom can sometimes be a distraction and take away from the layout of the room. This individual has installed an innovative TV that ascends from a bed box when it is needed. When not in use, the TV retracts back to its original position, hidden from view.

As long as the TV can fit inside the bed box, virtually any bed box can be made into an automated stand. Even if you have an old chest lying around the house, it can easily be converted into a TV stand with an actuator, control system and power box. With this versatility, you are not limited to the style options, and you can build or purchase something that fits your home exactly.

This individual has used a single actuator, capable of supporting the size of the TV and a wireless remote to for motion control. You can push the button from under the covers and enjoy reruns of M.A.S.H or Gilligan’s Island all day.

As long as there are no windows by the head of the bed, this positioning can prevent any sunlight glare on the screen and it stays close enough that you don’t have to strain.

If you are wondering exactly how high a television should be made to rise, your eyes should naturally rest about 1/3 of the way up the screen. This will prevent any straining of the neck by constantly looking upward or downward for long periods.

Here’s How You Can Do It

This is an easy build. There isn’t a lot to it and if you have done some handiwork before, you’ll have no problem with this.

Simply cut out the required size in the box to fit the TV. Ensure that there is enough room to fit the whole TV in the box before you attempt this. Keep the cut out piece, because it will act as the lid that hides your TV when not in use.

By using a platform for both the top and the bottom of the TV, it has a covering for the hole whether it is raised or lowered. It also adds a bit of security to the whole system.

Install the actuator to the bottom of the chest, and your TV must be attached to the actuator. This person has mounted their television onto rails to guide the TV up and down.  Install the control system inside the box and now you can attach the top piece to the television.

This person went the extra mile and sanded the top piece, along with the corners to give it a great look. The piece was repainted and fitted onto the top of the television.

With a bit of DIY prowess, this box is easy to build and can be finished in less than a day. ActuatorZone offers everything you need to complete this project, except the box and the TV. You’ll need to find those yourself. See our complete line of products to find something that suits your needs.


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