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  • Garage Door Upgrade Ideas with Linear Actuators

    A linear actuator, sometimes called a linear motor, push-rod motor or electric cylinder is an electro-mechanical device which changes rotational movement to linear movement. In short, an actuator simply moves load either vertically or horizontally.

    The use of actuators is becoming more popular in the modern setting and performs such functions as opening/closing, lifting/descending, pushing/pulling and so on. You’ll be amazed to know just how many of these mechanisms you encounter in your day-to-day life. Furthermore, industries such as marine, automotive, robotics among others are in constant use of this mechanism.

    Linear Actuators in Garage Projects

    It’s no secret that owning a garage has its own advantages, like improved security for your automobile and more than likely reducing your car insurance premium. Although there are many linear garage door openers manufacturers, the principle of their functioning is the same.
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  • Outdoor Automation Opportunities

    The spring season is in full effect with summer getting closer by the day and that means time to head outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Now you may think that linear actuators are designed for only inside jobs away from potentially harsh weather and outdoor climate, but you would... READ ARTICLE »
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  • How to Hide a TV in the Bedroom - Or Any Other Room

    Tired of having to look at your TV when you're not watching? We'll let you know exactly how to hide a TV with actuators. Having a television in a bedroom can sometimes be a distraction and take away from the layout of the room. This individual has installed an innovative... READ ARTICLE »

    Almost like a machine within other machines, an actuator is a simple mechanism that moves things: switching something on or off; moving it up and down; pushing and pulling it into a certain place or position. As the name implies, the motion created is typically in a straight line. Whether... READ ARTICLE »
  • Interview with SparkFun's Toni Klopfenstein: A Home Automation Guide for Beginners

    We asked Toni Klopfenstein from SparkFun about home automation, how to get started and which questions to ask. Read through our home automation guide to get your answers.   We’re in it. Full-tilt. Home automation is taking off in ways we couldn’t ever have imagined. Sometimes it whizzes past us... READ ARTICLE »

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