Wiring Rocker Switches with Linear Actuators

Wiring together parts can sometimes be a difficult procedure if you don’t have experience with it so we’ve decided show you how. In this case we will show the steps needed in order to wire together some of our rocker switches with our linear actuators. The rocker switches we will be using are the RC-03, RC-07 and RC-08. There are two main types of rocker switches, momentary and non-momentary (also referred to as latching and non-latching). Momentary means you have to hold down the switch in order to maintain the connection while non-momentary means you just have to press it once to start and once to stop. We have rocker switch models of both the momentary and non-momentary variety but in this case we will stick to the momentary switches.

We’ll start with the simplest wiring procedure first, which is the RC-03. The two connectors in the center, T2 & T5, are the common connectors in this case. Now in order to control the linear actuator with this rocker switch we’ll need to begin wiring. This is a relatively simple wiring procedure that only takes three steps (refer to this diagram for clarification):

  1. Connect the T3 and T4 connectors to the negative terminal (GND) on the power supply.
  2. Connect the T1 and T6 connectors to the positive terminal (12V) on the power supply.
  3. Connect the T2 and T5 connectors to the linear actuator wires.


Once everything is connected you can press the switch to apply 12V to the actuator which should make it extend. When you press the switch to the opposite side then the actuator should retract. Now we’ll move on to the wiring of the RC-07.

This round, push-button rocker switch uses different switches then the RC-03 that we just wired. It has two switches with each having a Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) connection. It also features a 12V LED that lights up to let you know everything is wired and ready to go. Another thing that differentiates the RC-07 from the RC-03 is that fact that it has a lower current limit. We’d recommend using a relay if you plan on controlling more than 2A, you can refer to our last post for more information on how to wire a 12V relay, but for now we will just focus on wiring the rocker switch. For this switch we will wire it so that the actuator will extend when you press the button, then retract after releasing the button. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Connect the T1 and T7 connectors to the negative terminal (GND) on the power supply
  2. Connect the T3 and T5 connectors to the positive terminal (12V) on the power supply
  3. Connect the T2 and T4 connectors to one actuator wire
  4. Connect the T6 and T8 connectors to the other actuator wire.


Finally we’ll go over the procedure for wiring our RC-08 joystick, which has four NO switches. For example when you move the joystick to the right the right switch will close, when you move it down the lower switch closes etc. In this example we’ll use the joystick to control 2 actuators, having the left/right movements controlling one and the up/down movements controlling the other. This means that when the joystick is in its neutral position (the middle) the actuators won’t move. When you move it to the left actuator 1 will extend and when you move it to the right it will retract. When you move it up actuator 2 will extend and when you move it down it will retract. Take a look at our handy wiring diagram to see how to get this done. Notice that we are using relays in the diagram so you can change the directions if need be.


As always if you have questions regarding our products or would simply like to make an order you can contact us today, we’re always ready to help with whatever you have in mind. Hopefully you found this useful and be sure to Follow, Like and Subscribe if you want to stay up to date on all of our latest content.

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