Switch to Electric Actuators for Better Performance

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Spend More Time Operating

Better performance in your actuator system can ripple out and have an effect on your entire operation. Especially if you’re using hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Make the change and give your operation the advantage over your competitors.

  • Cut down on your costs and get more efficient
  • Stop the environmental hazards and costs

Cutting Down Your Costs

Electric actuators are the best possible choice for cutting costs and improving efficiency. The small number of parts associated with electric systems means lower power draw. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems commonly have a large number of parts, meaning each of those will need their own power draw.

Tests have shown that electric actuators can be up to 80% more efficient than pneumatics, even within the first 12 months of operation. If you’re running a large operation, that can mean higher returns on your investment.

actuator efficiency chart

We’re not just talking about efficiency in terms of power draw, but we’re also talking about the amount of downtime and maintenance. Pneumatic or hydraulic systems can have a high maintenance cost and longer downtimes for repair.

The boon of electric actuators is their simplicity.

Simple systems are easy to maintain, but even with electric actuators the maintenance involved is extremely minimal. You spend more time operating and less time getting things operational.

sample system

Environmental Safety = Cost Benefit

Electric actuator systems are the system of choice for those looking for a more environmental approach. While hydraulic systems use oil that must be replaced and discarded, electric systems don’t use oil and the lubrication for the gears commonly lasts the entire life cycle of the actuator. This means:

  • No more costs for disposal
  • No more hazardous leaks and spills
  • Cleaner operation

The Power Myth

One of the most common myths about electric actuators is that they just can’t handle the same type of operations that a hydraulic or pneumatic system can. This is FALSE. Maybe this was true in the past, but today electric actuators can handle most of the same types of loads that other technologies can.

Electric actuators are just as precise, repeatable, powerful and (more) reliable than other technologies out there.

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