How Stroke Size Effects Overall Actuator Dimensions

Here at Progressive Automations we want to make sure our customers have all the resources necessary to select a linear actuator that fits the needs of whatever their project or application may be. One of the most important steps in finding that perfect actuator is selecting the proper stroke length. We've had many cases where customers know what type of unit they want and how much force they need but when it comes to the stroke size they are not 100% on what will fit to their specifications. That is why we decided to make a video and write this brief instructional guide on how to select a stroke size and how it will effect the dimensions of an actuator.

When selecting the stroke of your actuator you need to take into account the actuators dimensions, specifically the mounting hole to mounting hole length and the end to end length. These dimensions can be found in our actuator technical information PDFs found on actuator product pages and in the Technical Data section. Once you get these dimensions selecting the stroke and determining the overall length of the unit is much easier. For this example we will use a PA-14 mini linear actuator. The PA-14 has a retracted hole to hole length of 4.13" + stroke and an extended hole to hole length of 4.13" + stroke + stroke. It is important to note that stroke size has a direct effect on the total length of the unit.

So if the unit has a stroke length of 2" then you would just add that to the hole to hole length. So if the hole to hole length is 4.13" and the stroke length is 2" then the total retracted length of the unit is 6.13". For the extended length you just add the stroke again, making it 8.13". End to end dimensions are found the same way, just look at our PA-14 Mini Linear Actuator PDF to see the exact numbers. With this information you can now confidently purchase an actuator without worrying whether it will fit your project/application. For more information please take a look at the video below.

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