Actuators used in food processing automation streamlines production, improve quality control and safeguard against possible contamination. Many food companies in today's competitive environment face the daily challenges of optimization, performance consistency, safety concerns and accident prevention, including ergonomics. They can improve work conditions and eliminate safety issues with applications that make repetitive actions and reaching motions easier and more economical.

Automation can be found in a wide range of food processing machines and pieces of equipment. Bread robots, skewer units, de-boners, patty makers, bag fillers, blenders, cup fillers and meat processing machines like separators and slicers, all incorporate actuators. Conveyor belts that change position, cookers that require temperature change in the production of a particular product, pouch machines, mixers and choppers also utilize them. The list of machines that use these devices in the food processing industry is almost endless.

Actuator systems are often essential elements of a production line in the food industry. If the height of a workstation or a platform needs adjusting, or the level of a label machine needs repositioning, or the assembly line itself needs moving, there are automation applications for all of these situations. In a food vending machine, they are used to push the item for sale into position.

Linear motors are environmentally friendly because unlike hydraulic or pneumatic, they aren't affected by potential leaks or prone to malfunctioning pumps or hoses. Because they are used in industrial environments that are hot, cold or in some other way challenging, one intended for a food processing application is built for reliable and durable performance. Ones made of stainless steel are ideal the food processing industry, since stainless steel components satisfy the industry's demand for high standards and impeccable sanitary conditions. They can also withstand repetitive cleaning and strong detergents.

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