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Trunk Actuators that Keep Your Hands Free


Trying to open your trunk with a handful of groceries can be a frustrating experience. Did you know you can use automation to keep your hands free? Trunk actuators can be used to open and close your trunk at the push of a button.

How Trunk Actuators Work

These devices consist of three major parts: the actuator, the control system and the remote. The actuator makes the trunk move, the control system supplies power and the remote gives you control.

They are easy to install. You don’t have to have a lot of engineering knowledge to do it. It can be done in an afternoon. The hardest part will be spec’ing. We’ll go over the specifications for a trunk actuator later in this article.

Why Do I Want One?

Automation can make getting items in and out of your vehicle easy. If this is true for cars owners, it’s doubly so for truck owners who haul massive loads regularly. You’ll never have to drop everything to open your trunk again.

For the added convenience, you can even install actuators on your back seats .Open your trunk automatically and put down your back seats for some extra room by pressing a single button.


You’ll want to think about your stroke size, the force you’re looking for and the speed of the actuator.

The force is the amount of weight you will need to push to open your trunk. If you don’t know or can’t easily find the force, you might try calling up the manufacturer to see if they know the weight. If you can’t get an answer, you can ball park the answer, but it’s better to spec over than under.

Keep in mind that when you think about the force that will be pushed, the closer you mount your actuator to the hinges of the trunk, the more weight the component will need to push.

The stroke size for a trunk actuator will determine how far your trunk will open. Start by measuring the space between the trunk when it’s at a close position. It might be hard to get to the trunk when it’s closed, so pull down your back seats try to get a measurement from that angle. When you have your first measurement, open up the trunk as high as it can go and measure again from the trunk floor to the roof. When calculating your stroke size, keep in mind that your linear motor will have a retracted length, which can be subtracted from the stroke size.

So, if it has a retracted length of 5 inches, and your trunk measures 10 inches closed and 25 inches open, your stroke length will be 5 inches retracted and 20 inches extended.

Speed is less of a consideration, but still important. Likely, you won’t need an actuator that extends at 9 inches per second. Some actuators come at specific speeds for specific forces. Ask your manufacturer for information on this.

Once you know your specs, you can choose the actuator you want. Start by visiting our website and checking out our selection. If you still have questions, you can contact one of our service reps to find answers. We’ll walk with you through the entire project.

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