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The Badger Truck Madison WI, team makes an impact.


If you’re not and the up-and-up of the world of tractor pulling, it is usually referred to as ‘the world’s most powerful motorsport.’  These multi-engine, modified and specially engineered tractors can look intimidating when they’re surrounded by a cloud of black smoke as they pull with thousands of horsepower. The Badger Truck Madison WI, team of students know this well.

In 2012, we chose to sponsor the Badger Pulling Team of the University of Wisconsin – Madison. That’s one tough badger, I tell you what. Their design not only featured 300 unique parts for the tractor, but required a cost analysis of every part. Luckily, Engineers have a thing for numbers. The design included over 2,000 hours of work.



The “unique, compound steering system??? for their design has been dubbed,’BadgerSteer.’ What they needed was a steering system that gave them tighter and faster turns than a conventional setup. By designing a system that included one of our actuators and a controller attached to the steering, they were able to create a simple, effective steering system.

badger truck madison wisconsin badgersteer system

badger truck madison wisconsin badgersteer system page 2

So, how did it perform?

The team entered the International ¼ Scale Tractor Student Design Competition in 2012-2013 and came away with a 6th place finish. It’s an accomplishment. Many teams from all over North America enter each year in the hopes of walking away as the champions while onlookers swoon.

But they’re not done yet. The team will be taking those 2,000 hours of work, modifying the design and entering the competition again the next time it comes around.  Not only that. They’ll also be taking a completely new design to the competition with a new team.

We’d like to the Badger Pulling Quarter Scale Tractor Team for letting us be a part of the excitement, and we look forward to seeing the results of the next competition. Good luck, guys. And thanks for the beer cozies!

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