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  • Motorized Ceiling Drop-Down TV Mount

    Nowadays, ordinary TV tables and simple cabinets are gradually losing their popularity. Convenient and functional motorized ceiling drop-down TV mount for monitors allows customers to distribute free space in their houses optimally. This automation technology is pretty applicable to the creation of cozy modern interiors for highly-technological apartments. What does... READ ARTICLE »
  • Progressive Automations at Automate 2019

    The world of automation has entered into a stage where highly advanced robotic tools are used to streamline, expedite, and improve manufacturing processes to an unprecedented level. Last week our talented team at Progressive Automations exhibited our innovative linear motion products at the Automate and Promat show in the vibrant... READ ARTICLE »
  • How To Build a DIY Table Lift for Motorcycle

    Do you work on your motorcycle from time to time and get just tired from the constant back pain you get after repairing it? You don't have to get under the bike in those weird positions at all - instead, you can use a device that you can make at home.

    In this article, we will describe how to make a motorcycle table lift. Spoiler alert: it’s not that complicated. Continue reading READ ARTICLE »

  • Trunk Actuator | Automation for Your Car or Truck

    Trunk Actuators that Keep Your Hands Free Trying to open your trunk with a handful of groceries can be a frustrating experience. Did you know you can use automation to keep your hands free? Trunk actuators can be used to open and close your trunk at the push of a... READ ARTICLE »
  • Badger Truck Madison University | Our Sponsorship

          The Badger Truck Madison WI, team makes an impact.   If you’re not and the up-and-up of the world of tractor pulling, it is usually referred to as ‘the world’s most powerful motorsport.’  These multi-engine, modified and specially engineered tractors can look intimidating when they’re surrounded by... READ ARTICLE »
  • Actuator Definition: Car Manufacturing

      A simple actuator definition for their use in manufacturing Actuators are used in a variety of different ways for automotive automation in industry. Typically, a power source like an electric motor is connected to a simple machine, often a screw. The power source rotates the screw. The bolt or nut attached... READ ARTICLE »

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