Actuators make it possible for all kinds of machines, industrial applications, manufacturing automation and technological advances to move, regardless if it's lifting, adjusting, tilting, pushing or pulling. These devices use a power source, such as a motor, to convert the motion of a classic machine, most notably a screw, into energy.They are used in agriculture in a number of ingenious ways.

Because they are generally at work in dusty, caustic or changeable environments, actuators intended for agricultural uses are designed for durability, maximum functionality and continual use. They can be found in the doors of chicken coops, in the covers of feed bins and storage containers. One can open a farm, ranch or estate gate. This utility extends to ventilation and airing systems for barns, silos, and storage sheds. Since farms usually operate on a regular sun-rise to sun-set schedule, many are wired to timers and solar clocks to ensure that doors, windows, and feed gates open and close at the right time.

They are especially useful in a variety of farm machines and agricultural equipment, from fertilizer spreaders to balers to harvesters:

  • In a fertilizer spreader, an actuator will adjust the rate of spreading flow and the flow angle
  • In seeding machines they regulate the rate and/or number of seeds required for a particular crop
  • For combine harvesters, multiple devices perform a range of tasks, including accelerating the motor, stopping the motor, shifting the combine from high to low position, raising the grain cover and operating the straw spreader
  • A linear motor will stop the motor, accelerate the motor, and elevate/lower the automatic stair of a pulverizer
  • The gap for the stalk entrance on a corn header is adjusted by these devices
  • Wheat headers include some that help adjust the header revolutions, the forward-back position of the header, and the header cutting angle
  • They activate the thread for tying in balers
  • Forage harvesters often incorporate them to turn the main tube and change its elevation or path

They are so adaptable that they are ideal for a variety of farm applications. Wherever a piece of farm equipment needs adjustment or motion, you will most likely discover an actuator. Check out our entire line here to automate any piece of equipment you have.

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