Our New Mini Track Linear Actuator

We've recently added another new actuator model to our already diverse selection of electric linear actuators and we wanted to give a little introduction to this new unit. This new actuator is the PA-08 Mini Track Linear Actuator. This mini track actuator model combines the designs of two of our other actuator models to form a versatile new option for our customers.

The mini track incorporates the track design of our PA-18 Track Actuator with the compact size and shape of our PA-14 Mini Linear Actuator. Before you could only find the track design in our PA-18 but now with the PA-08 we offer it in a smaller package for lower force applications. The track design is different from normal actuators extend/retract design because the stroke does not extend out from the unit when activated. Instead the stroke moves back and forth along the length of the actuator rather then extending and retracting.


This means when your calculating the amount of space needed in your project/application you only need to measure the total length of the unit instead of the taking the fully extended length into account as well. Combine that track design with the small size of our mini actuator and you have the perfect electric linear actuator for projects and applications where saving space is a must.

We've also added a new mounting bracket to go together with the 12V mini track linear actuators. This new bracket, the BRK-08 Mounting Bracket, attaches to the stroke section of the PA-08 to provide a stable and secure mounting option. For mounting on the ends of the actuator just use our BRK-14 mounting brackets since it has the same shape as our PA-14 mini electric actuators.

The specifications for our mini track actuator are as such:

  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Stroke: 2-30"
  • Force: 50 lbs
  • Speed: 1.18"/sec
  • Current: 5A

For the full list of specifications as well as a dimensional drawings and a parts list be sure to check out our PA-08 PDF for all the information you need on the electric mini track linear actuator. If you'd like to order one today you can do so online or or by contacting us through email or phone. We also have a staff of experienced engineers to help you find the perfect actuator for whatever you happen to be working as well as answering any other questions you may have.

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